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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo RC 2
    1. Status
    2. Any last minute areas of concern?
  2. Release Plans / Dependencies
  3. Schedule Checkup
  4. Any Other Business

Bon Echo RC 2

  • all Firefox 2 / Gecko 1.8.1 blockers
    • security, major crash, or major regression bugs only
    • please make yourself available to work on these late breaking bugs
    • also, please watch MozillaZine, blogs, IRC, etc and look for bugs that you can test, get STR and help evaluate risk and escalate show stopping issues

RC 2 QA Testing Plans

  • finished basic regression tests and smoketests on all platforms and windows BFT
  • with help of community, we've finished the topsite testing
  • doing RC1->RC2 bug verification
    • timr: saw one crasher, unable to reproduce, no showstoppers
  • today is l10n testing (tier-1 locales, mostly language spot checking) some community members helping with deeper locale-based testing
    • working with Axel on which other locales to test in addition to tier-1
  • also doing plugin testing today to ensure popular plugins still work
  • and doing extension compatibility testing today and tomorrow
  • eta: early next week for green light, not sure yet
    • preed: obviously these times will change if we do RC2 respins

RC 2 Release Mechanics

  • minor updates to release notes will be made on and announcements will be made on devnews, mozilla.announce and dev.planning
  • as we near release day, all-rc.html will be updated to carry a message with ETA on RC2, and then will be updated to point to RC2 when it's ready
  • updates will be pushed via update mechanism to all alpha, beta & RC 1 users

Release Plans / Dependencies

  • cbeard to update

Any other business

  • timr: if add-ons don't update their maxVer compatibility flags soon, we can't test them. they should do this by October 10th. the database needs to be updated a few days before we release so that Firefox can know that there are compatibility updates available?
    • bsmedberg: what happens if they're not updated?
    • timr: then we'll have to pull them from our recommended update list
    • beltzner: do we have anyone heading up that project?
    • timr: chofmann and shaver? not sure (beltzner to follow up)
  • dbaron: is the work QA is doing for the purposes of a release candidate or the testing required for a final release?
    • timr: we're doing all the testing we can for everything that's available, so the only things we're not testing are add-ons without appropriate maxVer updates, nor l10n'd pages since those aren't available; that said, we do want to take a little bit of time to test those things appropriately
    • dbaron: I'm worried that the cycle between shipping an RC and calling it good enough for release is too short.
    • schrep: what is it that we're doing that we shouldn't be doing to get it out sooner?
    • dbaron: not sure, but it feels like this is a high bar for an RC
    • schrep: if you want to, we can talk about what we're doing offline, but there's an awful lot of work to do when you take into account the fact we're shipping 40+ languages on 3 platforms; it's a lot of sanity checking to do.

Schedule Checkup

  • RC 2 Release Target: Tuesday, Oct 10th (assuming no respins, which seems unlikely!)
  • Dependencies should be ready by October 17th