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Firefox 3.6 demonstrates Mozilla's ability to interate, improve and ship faster than previous release cycles. In the 7 months since 3.5, we have significantly improved both performance and stability. Much of the focus of this release is based on these improvements versus many new consumer-facing features.

The marketing efforts behind this release focus on updating our key user and developer touchpoints, engaging our community, and acquiring new users. In user messaging, we will focus on personalization (Personas) and security (Plug-in Updater).

The information below covers the various marketing efforts related to this product release.

Call-out Features / Improvements

What’s New

· Personas: To personalize the look of Firefox, select new themes called “Personas” in a single click and without a restart

· Plug-in Updater: To keep you safe from potential security vulnerabilities, Firefox now alerts you about out-of-date Plug-ins

· Stability improvements: In Firefox 3.6, we significantly decreased crashes by changing the way some third party software hooks into Firefox - all without sacrificing our extensibility in any way

· Form Complete: When filling out an online form, Firefox suggests information for fields based on your common answers in similar fields

What’s Improved

· Performance: We’re constantly optimizing Firefox for the way you use the Web – improving start-up times and responsiveness, making new tabs open up more quickly, and having the Awesome Bar provide results even faster.

· Open Video and Audio: With the world’s best implementation of HTML 5 audio and video support, now video can be displayed full screen and supports poster frames

What’s New Under the Hood for Developers

· Font Support: In addition to OpenType and TrueType fonts, 3.6 now supports the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF)

· CSS gradient support for smooth transitions between two or more specified colors

· A set of new APIs enabling developers to write extensions that access the browser’s geolocation features as well as device orientation

· It also supports the latest HTML5 specification, including the File API for local file handling, allowing web apps to access and manipulate files like images without requiring you to upload them to the server first


This release is all about rapidly iterating from 3.5 to make Firefox more stable, more customizable, more secure, more standards-friendly, etc.

We will emphasize our consistent leadership across the browser space while also reminding people that 3.6 is something new to get excited about. The umbrella concept for the release is "The world's best browser all over again."

Although the "world's best" claim is new for us, it is defensible and legitimate. Another advantage of this approach is that it's more broadly thematic rather than locking in on one particular attribute that can be topped by our competitors (ex. performance).

Here's how this theme will be rolled out to the key target audiences:

  • Users: Use the "world's best...again" concept as a catchy headline with supporting points around personalization, security and stability.
  • Developers: Firefox is the standard for every web developer. The best combination of flexibility, performance and support for new web standards.
  • Press: In the past, we used "better, faster, safer" as our buckets to present new/improved features. These work for 3.6 as well. Better - personas, autofill forms, component lockdown, under the hood stuff. Faster - quicker to market, improved performance. Safer - new plug-in updater.

Key messages include:

  • Firefox 3.6 is fast, stable, and secure.
  • Firefox 3.6 is the most customizable browser on the planet, offering in-browser personas and more than 6,000 free add-ons.
  • Firefox 3.6 is built for the way you use the web.
  • Your security is our top priority
    • Keeping your Firefox updated and your Plugins up to date is one of the most important things you can do to help stay safe on the Web

Creative Team Projects

  • Owner: Irina
  • Update key pages with new product information (specifically geared towards the European market), with particular emphasis on promoting Personas (name TBD).
  • Changes to be made on the EU website: on the Website Plan.
  • Resources: TRO (design), WebDev (TBD), Mozilla Web QA, l10n


  • Owner: Tara
  • Major placements on First Run, What's New and other key pages (with rollover implemented for 3.6 users)
  • Created promotional video with Addis Creson - will be featured on homepage, Personas site, our social networking sites, First Run/What's New pages, and more.
  • Watch the final version of video
  • General reference wiki:
  • Resources: marketing

Plugin Project:

  • Owner: Laura
  • Create/Implement Plugin Check page and help push into product.
    • Run Google Adwords SEM Campaign to support initiative.
    • Create/Implement [ Dynamic Buttons] for Plugin Check Page to support initiative.
      • Ask Community to share link ( to Plugin Check page) with people they care about and to place a badge on their sites/blogs.
  • Resources: TRO, Sean Martell (design), Elise Allen (copy), Web Dev, WebQA

User Marketing Team Projects

Goal: update all key end user touchpoints to include the 3.6 features and benefits.

Snippets (Start Page):

  • Owners: Jane, Delphine, Pascal C
  • Resources: copywriting, design
  • Snippets:
    • "Firefox 3.6 is here! With improved security, stability, personalization and more, the world's best browser just keeps getting better."
    • "Your Firefox, your style: dress up your browser with more than 35,000 different Personas. New in Firefox 3.6."

Social Media: See community marketing.


  • Owner: Laura
  • New adwords campaign to reflect 3.6 and related themes of personalization and security (and de-activating 3.5 campaigns for all SEM networks).
    • New Campaigns for Yahoo, MSN and Google.
  • New adwords Plugin Campaign to help direct traffic to

Developer Marketing Team Projects

Goals: make sure that Firefox 3.6 is the preferred platform for web developers and reclaim leadership on HTML and web standards.

Main message: Firefox is the standard for every web developer. The best combination of flexibility, performance and support for new web standards. content:


MDN Programs:

Developer Documentation:

  • Owner: Sheppy
  • Main portal page.
  • Status: main documentation is done.

Under the Hood

Community Marketing Team Projects


  • Owner: Laura/Mary
  • Update Affiliate buttons to reflect new version number (done, currently inactive. Mary to push live at launch)
  • Update the Upgrade the Web buttons to reflect new version number (bug filed, need WebDev to update with 3.6 buttons)
  • Promotion:
    • Timing: ~1 week after GA for continued momentum + to avoid launch noise
    • Angle: New buttons + Affiliate winners from Q3/Q4
    • Tactics:
      • Blog post
      • Tweet (possibly FB update) timed
      • Posts to Community @ SFx + Affiliates Program groups on SFx
  • Resources: design

Social Media:

  • Owner: Tara/Sarah
  • Twitter:
    • Refresh Twitter background graphic to something new and version-neutral
    • Post update for various RCs with CTA to try it out & join FB Test Driver Group
    • Post GA news
    • Post Personas promo video, with an added question to encourage engagement, for example: "what's your style?"
    • Retweet MozHacks posts
    • Hashtag: #firefox
  • Facebook:
  • Digg/Reddit:
    • Post + digg Personas Video


  • Post Personas video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Flickr
  • Spread Firefox promo pushed live

Campus Reps:

  • Share news & social media CTA in newsletter and via Ning

CTA for Mozilla community:

  • Campaign: What's your style?
    • Post a pic of yourself and your favorite persona.
    • Upload to flickr w. tag "personas"
    • Showcase pictures roughly 3 - 4 weeks after launch.
    • Page almost complete on SFx -- need video link
  • Update your statuses with GA news + bitly for download
  • Change your profile pic for a Firefox-related image
  • Share your favorite Persona + Personas video as part of the "What's your style campaign"
  • Digg article links
  • Add new 3.6 or UTW buttons to your blog or site


  • Working to promote

PR Team Projects

  • Owner: Melissa, Barbara, EricaJ
  • Press briefings for select US media targets scheduled for week of Jan 11
  • 3.6 blog post in development
  • EU press briefings complete
  • 3.6 FAQ and Reviewer's guide complete and localized
  • Resources: PR agencies, spokesperson time

Reviewer's Guide:

  • Owner: Laura
  • Create guide to introduce new features and functionality in Firefox 3.6. Electronic usage only (no print version).
  • Resources: design

3.6 Video:

  • Owner: Laura, Alix
  • Create short video to highlight launch of 3.6 and review key features.
  • Resources: Rainer, spokesperon (Beltzner)

3.6 announcement (blog post) and FAQ:

  • Owner: Melissa, Barbara
  • Create 3.6 FAQ and blog post / EU: create media alert, localize FAQ
  • Resources: Series of reviews from marketing, evangelism, beltzner