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NOTE: COMPLETE or DELETE items have been removed from this list. If you think something has been missed, please ping Deb so it can be re-added. NEW: Grey background means the item is complete or no longer relevant.


Owner Category Action Status Notes

Completed Items

Owner Category Action Status Notes
Basil Sec, Priv Consult with lawyers re: Liability issues related to how we sell/promote "Private Browsing Mode" No liability issues per se but privacy policy needs to be updated to reflect new mode
Basil, Dria Gecko Follow up with AaronL re: Accessibility reqs for Fx3 COMPLETE 2 line items added to PRD in OS Integration section
Beltzner Add-ons Investigate removing extension installation whitelist, consulting with Dveditz COMPLETE whitelist will remain but UI will change such that it doesn't interrupt installation task flow and doesn't require users to add the site to the whitelist to continue, bug to be filed
Beltzner Help/Support "Showcase breadth of customization options + discoverability of customization" needs to be refined and turned into actionable line items COMPLETE see here
Beltzner, Rstrong Add-ons UI design required for addition of Add-ons prefs to prefs panel REMOVED Will be handled as part of feature design phase
Dria, Basil Places "UI for Export" - requirement involved with this to "Maintain existing bookmarks.html functionality (no new API or dataformats involved)" NO ACTION REQUIRED
Dria, Rstrong Add-ons Define additional Add-ons-related line items for PRD COMPLETE Items will be part of Feature plan, not PRD.
Unowned Gecko Investigate Web page archiving systems and devise an approach for sorting this out for Firefox (be it a Labs project or what-have-you) Deferred for now since it's a P3. If we decide to pick this up then we'll revisit how the feature is designed. Someone needs to sort out if this is in-scope for Fx3 or not. This needs an owner/driver. DECISION: Out-of-scope for Fx3
Vlad, Pav Gecko "Save web pages as PDF" COMPLETE No further PRD changes required.
Schrep Sec, Priv Set up meeting to get further definition of what "malware" means in terms of "Blacklisting malicious websites"
Schrep? OS Integration Airbag/Brakepad PRD line items need to be fleshed out by the Airbag/Brakepad team where required I've assigned this to Schrep, because it had no specific owner. If this is incorrect, please reassign.
Basil OS Integration "Vista Parental Controls Support" needs to be investigated in more depth. Completed Created a list of bugs - 355554, 355555, 372905, 372914, 372920
Beltzner Identity, Password Mgr Start a discussion thread re: third party Cardspace implementations in dev.planning Cancelled After discussion with Higgins team, determined that we'll do some Mozilla Labs postings to accelerate discussion of this topic.
Beltzner, Window Identity, Password Mgr Hand-off or complete discussion with Identity system developers re: how Firefox can better support those mechanisms (OpenID, Cardspace, etc) COMPLETE Started discussions with Higgins and OpenID, Cardspace is documented
Roc, Dbaron Gecko Specific line items for CSS 2.1 support are needed IN PROGRESS Dria has list and is getting it reviewed.
Roc, Dbaron Gecko Specific line items for CSS 3 support are needed IN PROGRESS Dria has list and is getting it reviewed.
Basil Identity, Password Mgr Talk to third parties doing Cardspace implementations and find out what's needed to support them as providers within Firefox
Dietrich Places "Places organizer redesign" needs to be investigated and turned into a set of requirements for the PRD as it's currently too vague - assigned to "Places team" IN PROGRESS Wiki here. Scoped to some high-priority items after discussion w/ mconnor. Need to meet w/ Beltzner to talk UI/UE for this.
Dria, Dbaron OS Integration Come up with a list of specific Linux issues that should be dealt with in Fx3 and add them to the PRD as FR line items Dropped Need to follow up.
Mconnor Con Handling Revisit Microformats items on PRD, revisit and reword to deemphasize "microformat" and focus more on generalizable system of inferred pieces of data, metadata, and other forms of structured information
Roc Gecko Offline apps - further investigation and refinement needed, specific line items required MEETING HELD Next step: going through meeting notes and extracting line items for PRD.
Basil Help/Support Find someone to own the whole Help/Support world Raised to management team JT Batson and others are investigating
Beltzner OS Integration Refine requirements and find a driver for "Version detection in Windows for theme installation piece" COMPLETED See here
Dmose Con Handling Firefox team needs to get a list of requirements together re: "Improve download handling", then make sure the Gecko team knows about and understands what's required on their part
Dmose Con Handling Refine what "Download manager can be extended in a way that feels tightly integrated" means
Basil Gecko Printing issues need to be clarified and better defined In Progress Basil is generating list, triaging critical bugs from this ugly list
Basil Con Handling Investigate bundling possibilities and options re: plugins for common formats Deferred due to goals/priorities exercise
Dmose Con Handling Investigate RSS enclosure handling and come up with a set of line items that should be added to the PRD Rolled into content handling spec
Dria, Shaver Add-ons Define additional Add-ons-related line items for PRD Met with shaver, have notes. Need to sort out what if anything needs to hit the PRD. Done.
Dria, Shaver, DevRel team Add-ons Figure out how to improve extension first-run experience and related API for extension developers. Met with shaver, have notes. Need to sort out what if anything needs to hit the PRD. Ext authors should be able to use the same model as Fx (notification system, UI flow). "Best practices" and evangelism required here as well. Done
Mconnor Identity, Password Mgr (P3) Write up a spec about how to do login through chrome rather than through a web page Deferred due to P3 priority.
Mconnor Help/Support Provide Visio for help/support flow Handling by JT Batson and customer working group. Deb assisting for Fx 3
Mconnor OS Integration Find someone to own defining what "Windows Group Policy Support" means in terms of line items, then get those items added to PRD Postponed due to lack of clear enterprise reqs in this area. Basic investigation shows that Active Directory (AD) integration is not as critical since selected enterprises use Fx as backup browser and don't want an AD dependency
Myk Search "Rich search results" needs to be more clearly defined and turned into a set of actionable line items updated and expanded proposal, including adding proposed PRD items.

Further Notes

  • "Alert user when they're providing info on a suspicious website" has been removed from the PRD but has been flagged as warranting follow up. This will be brought up in the Labs IdeaCenter forum when it is available.
  • "Plugin crashes should not crash the entire application" has been removed from Fx3, but needs to be part of Moz2 work. Must ensure that this is added to their list. ACTION: Tracked as part of Mozilla 2 work.