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Firefox 3/Gecko 1.9 Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 19:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S - Central Area
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 217 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 217 (US)
  • #granparadiso for backchannel

Open Action Items

  • AI:chofmann Drive outreach to extension authors r.e. leak squashing
    • at 39.6% beta compatibility of top 95% (~750) extensions, up 18% since last update
    • 101 addons in the review queue on AMO
    • help us tackle the review queue! contact chofmann, polvi, or basil
  • AI:chofmann File bugs for comment field analysis on breakpad server (done)
  • AI:peterv Help drive leak fixing
  • AI:Tomcat wikify/blog your steps to find extension leaks
  • AI:pav Drive list of footprint bugs for next perf meeting
  • AI:sicking Move content arenas patch to completion
  • AI:schrep need to find some help for threadmanager Ts issues
  • AI:dbaron Feedback for breakpad r.e. need for local vars (or equivalent debugging aid)
  • AI:mconnor Figure out where list of 'done' new features can get help created

Status of Key Areas to wrap up for final ship

  • Visual
    • Icon Refresh
      • main window and preferences will be ready for beta 3
      • addons manager, download manager, page info & others likely not ready for beta 3
    • General Theme Polish
      • w32: main toolbar CSS changes will be ready for beta 3
      • all: awesomebar changes and star-dialog changes for beta 3
    • Mac Theme
      • proto will land in beta 3, new version available on AMO
  • Memory Usage
    • JEMalloc Work
      • Builds near working - #s by end of week
    • Leak hunting
      • Concerns over extension leaks. AIs above
    • General Footprint improvements
      • 10 or so bugs floating around yet - Pav should have list
  • Performance
    • Ts/Txul
      • threadmanager - need help here
    • Tp
      • Need to investigate CJKT issues on windows
    • Graphics
      • Borders and backgrounds need some work. Vlad on it
    • Javascript
    • DOM bug 407216 - fast path top N DOM methods
    • FileURL Bug
    • XOW still needs some work
  • Awesome Bar
    • Global Frecency (bug 394038) - patch needed more work, tests written, bugs found, all known issues resolved
  • Places
    • Waiting on more perf investigation/mitigation
  • Offline
  • Malware
    • new server protocol will be live this week
    • working out legal agreements required to get this live for beta
    • everything here is on track
  • AMO Integration bug 404024
    • Still awaiting review. AMO updates should be pushed live today
  • XOW
  • xsite XMLHttpRequest
  • General Website Compatibility
  • SW Update
    • Anti-fatigue stuff landed, need final cleanup/update from dao.
  • SVG
  • Printing
    • Tracked down bug 410071 (boarding pass / swedbank print issues) a bit -- regressed on cairo update. Vlad's going to try to squash it.
    • Progress on bug 403669 (print/print preview prints first page, then gives up) -- hoping to have patch this afternoon.
  • MathML
    • bug 363240 can we get child frame heights without doing an extra Reflow()?
  • Vista Breakpad
  • Crash Reporting server (Socorro)

  • EV-SSL
    • working with Frank Hecker to drive cert approvals forward
    • Kai has patch ready to land to activate EV UI for VeriSign certs as a testing measure bug 412455 while we go through cert applications, waiting for green tree.
  • NSS updated last week bug 399590
  • Web-based protocol handling
    • No P1s, 5 P2s (4 have patches; all 5 should make beta3)
    • en-US handlers driving
  • Microformats
  • Help (SUMO etc)
  • Save Link As... filename fixes bug 299372
  • Plug-ins - concern over flash plug-in causing repaint

Firefox 3


Security Reviews

  • Completed
    • Password Manager (done)
    • Offline Apps (done)
    • Web Content Handlers (done)
    • Add-Ons (rob_strong) (done)
    • Places (dietrich/sspitzer) (done)
    • Cross-domain XMLHttpRequest - Done.
    • ContentEditable (peterv) - Done.

QA Status/Topics

  • Top issues tracking
    • bug 411249 – Top crash [@ jsds_ScriptHookProc[@jsds_ScriptHookProc(JSDContext*, JSDScript*, int, void*)] on shutdown with Firebug 1.1.0b10 installed. Update - work in progress
    • bug 405198 Cannot drag and drop folders / items in Places Organizer - this cause the problem that its not possible to move bookmarks from one folder to another folder oder to merge folder etc .... - Tomcat Update - more investigation by neal deakin. no status yet
    • bug 324857 – MathML all screwed up in Cairo builds. Blocking MathML usage. Lots of action in the bug, but no resolution yet? - Update - lots of patches landing. on track with fixes
  • B3 testplan is in the works. Regression Testing coverage will include:
    • focused testing
    • Smoketests, BFTs
    • bug verifications
    • l10n builds (if string frozen)
    • Top websites
    • Supported plugins
    • Major update run (incl partners if permitting)
    • Leaks
  • Basic MU update testing of Fx2.0.0.11 -> Fx3b2 completed
    • No major issues found during the first pass. Testplan and results here.
  • Leaks testing - bug 402335.
    • Leak testing brown bag scheduled for Jan 31st, 3pm PST.
  • Testday this friday on trunk regression. Please join #testday and support our community.

Localization Topics

  • beltzner doesn't think we'll be ready for string freeze today
    • should we push it to Friday or start labelling things late-l10n after today?

General Discussion

Round table