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Firefox 3/Gecko 1.9 Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays - Firefox 3 - 11:00am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern, 18:00 UTC
  • Mozilla Building S - Central Area
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 217 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 217 (US)
  • #granparadiso for backchannel

Firefox 3: issues for final ship

  • Analysis
    • incoming blocker rate is still pretty high
    • most of the new blockers were Places (regressions from fixes) and Theme (polish work)
    • long poles are currently Places and SafeBrowsing v2

Platform: issues for final ship

  • 22 Blockers remaining for RC
    • Content: 7 (5 w/ patches)
    • GFX: 7 (6 w/ Patches)
    • JS: 3 (3 w/ Patches)
    • Layout: 2 (2 w/ Patches)
    • Platform: 2 (2 w/ Patches)
    • General: 2 (2 w/ Patches)
  • Still 1 unowned blockers.
  • Approximately 6 have patches of some sort.
  • Blockers closed in last seven days by platform team: 21
  • Blockers created in last seven days: 14
  • Microformats
    • New issues from Microformats "acid" testcase and discussion
    • Primary reason these weren't found before now is that microformats community ebbs and flows
    • All these issues now have unit tests
    • Need review/approval
      • bug 427456 - Rename frame recursion option to indicate external frames
      • bug 429181 - Properly handle headers/include nesting
      • bug 430540 - floated divs are considered hidden even though they aren't
      • bug 430672 - collapse and trim whitespace with final value from value pattern
      • bug 430691 - ignore type property when inferring value of "tel"


QA Status/Topics

  • General QA
    • Completed the RC1 Test Plan.
    • Daily Tiger Team testing [marcia, others]
    • 25 new litmus testcases added last week [tchung, marcia, stephend, others..]
      • Places:
        • Explored further into bookmark tests. Discovered bug 430862. Almost have final patch for remaining tests ready. [ctalbert]
        • Verified 21 p1/p2 blocking bugs. [tracy]
        • DnD, CnP and move test cases could total nearly 1000 test cases if composed for each possible path. Worked out a matrix that should cut that total down to 40-50 test cases for entry into Litmus. [tracy]
      • Protocol Handling: The new MAILTO RFC compliance test is being used in bug 426260. [ctalbert]
      • Printing Testing: Reviewed some of the printing bugs and crafted some Litmus test cases to give us better coverage in this area. [marcia]
      • Mac theme testing: After landing this week, tested the toolbar area carefully and checked for possible regressions. [marcia]
    • l10n in-product page Test Plan. Test work begins today. [stephend]
    • Testday this week on Places. QMO is currently down due to bug 431137, but you can forward this link. Please join #testday on friday from 7am - 5pm PDT to assist with questions or testcases.
  • Notable Bugs this week
    • bug 430573 – lolcats website makes firefox use 1GB+ of RAM. Status: New, requested Blocking for rc1. Serious performance hit
    • bug 429442 – crashes [@ nsJSIID::HasInstance][@ XPCNativeSet::FindInterfaceWithIID]. Status: New, requested Blocking for rc1. Topcrash.
    • bug 431231 – Unable to save RSS feed to anything but the bookmarks toolbar (UI missing?) Status: Assigned, blocking+ [REGRESSION]
    • bug 426275 – crash on clear private data (history) [@ nsNavHistoryExpire::ClearHistory]. Status: Assigned to Places, blocking+
  • Notable Bugs Verified
    • 156 fixed bugs Verified in last two weeks
    • bug 426499 – [10.5] Crash opening Help menu [@ DrawTheMenu(MenuSelectData*, __CFArray**, unsigned char, unsigned char*)]. Status: Verified.
    • bug 428606 – New version of JEP (, please land on trunk and branch. Status: Verified.
    • bug 431154 – Crash when tab is closed with Ctrl+W. Status: Verified.
    • Resolved FIXED bugs to date:
  • Leak Testing Update [tomcat]
    • Filed last week 14 new Leak Bugs. Now over 250 Leak Bugs -> 252 Bugs - Assertion bugs filed. See list
    • JS Errors/Exceptions caused by Extensions
  • Topcrash Update [ss]
    • Same as last week's status. This bug is a recent regression, but we also need more analysis after RC1 is released. Assigned to bent:
      • Overall, topcrashes are getting fixed and are considered blockers -- a very good thing. One concern is bug 429442 which is the current topcrash on all platforms. Needs to block RC1 release. See the [wiki page] for more info.

Round table

Major Update

  • Already tested FF2->FF3 major updates, and FF2-> partner build major updates, to make sure it works: bug 394046 and bug 413454
  • will issue update to Fx2 users who are on the beta channel first
    • offering major update to beta users is how we beta-tested the major update process for FF1.5->FF2 major update
    • should be a bit more aggressive in the 2.0.0.x beta channel firstrun pages to let people know this is coming
  • will decide after we release if we want to do major update for Fx2 -> 3.0 or if we're going to wait for 3.0.1
    • partner builds will definitely be waiting for 3.0.1