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Overall Schedule


  • Nominations and Approval Requests Deadline: Monday, April 24th
  • Code Freeze (Checkin Deadline): Monday, May 1st -> Thursday, May 4th
  • First Candidates Available: Friday, May 5th
  • Tentative Ship Date: Tuesday May 23rd


  • Bug Verifications: Monday, April 3rd - Monday, May 15th
  • BFTs: Friday, May 5th - Tuesday, May 9th (Firefox & Thunderbird)
  • Release Candidate: Tuesday May 9th - Monday May 15th (Firefox & Thunderbird)
  • Update Testing: Monday, May 15th - Wednesday, May 17th
  • l10n Testing: Friday, May 12th - Friday, May 19th


  • Candidate Builds: TBD
  • l10n Packaging: TBD
  • Update Patches: TBD
  • Release Tagging: TBD
  • Release Signing: TBD

General Info & Status

QA Tasks

Firefox Test Plan <-- MoCo QA tasks and results are here.

In order to get more coverage on fixes going in for Firefox, we need the community to help test the latest "-mozilla1.8.0" branch builds while looking at the current list of fixed1.8.0.4 bugs (excluding XForms bugs). Here are a few ways to help:

  • Universal Binary testing on MacOS X
    • As we transition to shipping UB builds to Mac users, we need the community to help test these latest builds to make sure Firefox works across a number of configurations.
    • Due to a number of Thunderbird profile related issues with using PPC created profiles with UB builds, we need more Thunderbird users testing that scenerio. For more info see Bug 331511
  • BFTs & Regression Testing: Running through a set of BFTs on Litmus is the best way to test basic functionality and explore various areas for regressions.
  • Extensions & Themes Testing: Install and use some of your favorite extensions and themes. Try a few new ones from to make sure everything works as expected.

Community testing and feedback will be managed through the QA Blog and the Newsgroup, so keep an eye out for posts and discussions there!

l10n Tasks

As builds become available for various locales, we need localizers to run them through their usual smoketests/BFTs. Once tested and verified, they can sign off on the build for their locale in the table below.

In order for this to work, we need localizers signed up for this work ASAP. Given the schedule and the dates we currently have for various stages of the release cycle, I hope most of them can make time to do this for

Note: [04/19/06] The announcement on how to do l10n changes for went out, see google groups.

Links to official list of released locals:

Locales that have issues on the Mac

  • We shipped pa-IN in with known font issues on the Mac. gu-IN has the same issues, but was never shipped on the Mac. Need to resolve this issue.
    • We do not have a way of resolving the font issue on Mac for gu-IN and pa-IN. Until we do, we cannot test these and therefore will not release them on Mac for either Firefox or Thunderbird.

Locale sign-offs

These are locales that changed for They need locale owner signoff and and extra check by Mozilla QA.

Locales needing sign-off
locale product owner status litmus results
fr browser filip PASS Linux (juanb, filip)

Windows (juanb)

fr mail filip for jerome PASS Windows (tracy) linux filip
el mail pkst PASS linux Windows
it browser dalco PASS

Linux (juanb) Linux (dalco) Windows (juanb - As already noticed in previous tests, the page that first loads when you first start Firefox with a new profile is in English

it mail Roberto (via mail) PASS Linux (juanb)

Windows (Show " (20060504)" - This has been corrected in rc3: "versione (20060516)")

pl browser Marcoos PASS Windows Linux

Windows (juanb) Linux (juanb)

nb-NO browser hmork PASS Windows Linux

Windows (juanb) Linux (juanb)

Mac (Marjo)

nb-NO mail hmork PASS Windows Linux
ru browser Unghost PASS

Linux (juanb) Windows (juanb) Windows (Unghost) Linux (Unghost)

ru mail Unghost PASS Windows (tracy) Windows (Unghost)

Linux (Unghost)

P1 Locales

  • da
  • de
  • es-ES
  • fi
  • fr
  • it
  • ja-JP-mac (mac primarily)
  • ja
  • nl
  • pl
  • zh-CN
  • zh-TW