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General Firefox 1.5.0.x Test Plan

This is the basic set of tests we run for every security & maintenance release.


  • and are simultaneous releases of Firefox. In addition we are releasing Thunderbird

Current Tasks

  • Live Updates Testing (12.19.2006)
    • Updates should be live sometime tomorrow afternoon.
  • Software Updates (12.12.2006)
    • FF2.0.0.1 (en-US), FF1.5.0.9(all)
    • TB (all)-12.13
  • Bug Verifications


  • Tentative Release Date: December 14th
  • Overall Schedule from Community Page

Test Results

Any testing results that will help us track progress, identify regressions, and verify fixes should go here.

Status (12/04/2006)
FF2001 FF1509 TB1509
Smoketest PASS (RC1 - 20061204 tracy) PASS (tracy) PASS
BFT Tomcat - PASS 2001 BFT (Linux/Windows) PASS PASS (tomcat)

The above list is just a sample of what we will be testing and links to blank pages we should us to track our test results. Please add any other test results here. Thanks!

Bug Verifications

When you verify the bug is fixed, resolve it as VERIFIED FIXED and replace the fixed1.8.0.9 / fixed1.8.1.1 keyword with verified1.8.0.9 / verified1.8.1.1


  • Verify on both and
  • If you don't see an easy way to verify or need further clarification add a comment to the bug or add "[needs testcase]" (without quotes) to the bug's Status Whiteboard.



Priority Verifications

  • 2 mail bugs ("fixed1.8.0.9" bugs, component is "mailnews" or product is "thunderbird")

Note: If you run into a difficult bug, just add the "[need testcase]" in the status whiteboard and move on.

Need Verification

Cannot Verify

JS Bugs:

  • 347065 JavaScript Can not compile without JS_HAS_GENERATORS
  • 354982 JavaScript Cleaning up iterator implementation
  • 357169 JavaScript GC temp roots cleanup
  • 357388 JavaScript js_SweepScopeProperties can leave a JSScopeProperty with dangling parent pointer
  • 357392 JavaScript jsdtoa.c - locks not released in some error cases
  • 357398 JavaScript js_ExpandErrorArguments can crash in OOM conditions
  • 358867 JavaScript Return value in a void function
  • 358528 Leak Monitor locks Firefox.exe during startup
    • Caused open regression (along with bug 357169) 358661
  • 360612 JavaScript GC can leave GSN cache pointing to destroyed script
  • 361273 JavaScript Assert fail: cg->stackDepth >= 0, at jsemit.c:164
  • 361362 JavaScript js/src/jsemit.c assumes sizeof(int) == sizeof(ptrdiff_t)

Build Bugs (lack of comments after checkin suggest these are fixed):