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The Firefox Core Engineering (FCE) team ran from March 2016 through January 2018. All work on that team has been dispersed to other teams.

This page should be considered legacy.

For more information on previously-FCE activities, go by individuals listed in Historical knowledge areas. (If you're in a pinch, ask ddurst.)

Crash machinery should be reliable, fast, and informative for both Mozilla and ultimately the user.

This effort began with Get More Data Faster, which is still in progress. The goal is to speed up crash telemetry receipt and provide a basis for near-realtime crash monitoring and trend analysis.

Major Milestones

The major milestones overall have been achieved:

  • introduce client-side stackwalking
  • create crash ping
  • land content crash ping
  • create PingSender
  • add support for CFI-based stackwalking

Minor Milestones

Along the way, a variety of related bugs have cropped up. They are this project's backlog and they are tracked here.

Full Query
ID Product Summary Priority Status Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to
1327319 Testing "crashfirefox.exe" doesn't reliably crash firefox P3 NEW steps-wanted
1333125 Toolkit Improve HTTP proxy support in the crashreporter client and pingsender P4 NEW [measurement:client]
1339428 Firefox Add end-to-end testing of crash pings sent from the crashreporter client -- NEW
1347077 Toolkit Consolidate the crash annotation logic P3 NEW [measurement:client]
1348890 Toolkit Make the TelemetrySend tests call setup()/shutdown() in a consistent way P3 NEW [measurement:client]
1374915 Toolkit Firefox for desktop hangs and then crashes without generating a bug report. -- REOPENED
1409039 Toolkit Crashfirefox.exe fails with "Could not create remote thread." when Firefox is hung -- NEW
1457615 Toolkit Crashfirefox64.exe crashes Firefox but does not generate a Crash Report. -- NEW crash, hang
1543910 Toolkit Consider disabling or removing libdisasm P4 NEW

9 Total; 9 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Future planning

  • (symbolicate on client, then signature on client, then show user the problems on (say) about:support ): Evalute symbolicating stack traces when doing client-side stack walking
  • replace BreakPad
  • rewrite minidump analyzer in Rust
  • rewrite CrashReporter in Rust