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  • Admin:
  • Next steps:
    • Nothing new.
  • Patches:
    • bug 1134961 - [Dialer] [RTL] Additional contact info in suggestion bar in dialer is not bdi
      • Patch posted.
      • r+ from thills and francisco, r? schung
  • Reviews:
    • bug 1058743 - [RTL] Dialer should start out as in RTL right away
      • r+
    • bug 1142610 - [RTL] [Lockscreen] The carrier name overlaps the SIM slot text when recieiving a call on the lockscreen
      • r+
  • Other:
    • Nothing new.


  • Admin -
    • bug 1082688 - [L10n] Callscreen application name is not localizable
      • We have a manifest localization process that needs to be done with this. I had to make some changes to the manifest to get it to localize properly. It turns out, you need to have some content in the en-US tag for it to localize the manifest at all. This is not documented at all.
      • I have made some changes to the CallScreenWindow and AttentionWindow.js to fix this. I’m working on the remaining part which is to make the notification update on change of language. Currently, this notification that shows up in the Update section only is updated on startup. I’m trying to get together a WIP and get some feedback from etienne_s as he’s on system app.
    • Bug
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  • Admin:
    • Bank holiday on Monday April 6th in France (Easter)
  • Bugs
    • CDMA regression: bug 1147123 - [CDMA] Cannot merge 3-way call
      • How can we prevent these late spotted-regressions? => Ask Taipei is currently the best solution. The emulator doesn’t support CDMA at the moment.
  • Done:
    • Nothing to report today
  • Next steps:
    • Nothing currently planned for the dialer.


  • Admin:
    • None
  • Bugs:
    • bug 1124992 - [Dialer] not need to listen to telephonyCallGroup.onerror but handle promise
      • I’ve taken this bug at the request of the RIL team, it’s a minor API cleanup
    • bug 1142485 - [l10n] End of call message is not displayed entirely with long localizations
      • Uplifted to v2.2
    • bug 1147123 - [CDMA] Cannot merge 3-way call
      • Working patch ready
    • bug 1058743 - [RTL] Dialer should start out as in RTL right away
      • Landed on master and uplifted to v2.2
  • Reviews
    • none