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FOSDEM 2008 took place in Brussels, Belgium on 23/24 February, 2008. Here is a summary of what happened there with Mozilla.



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  • Quite simply the best FOSDEM yet! The last 10 years have been a wild ride in the Mozilla community, here is to many more successful decades - Brian King
  • Every year, the Mozilla room at Fosdem get busier and busier, for the joy of all the contributors. This year is no exception, with the 10-year anniversary to boot! Probably around a hundred attendees at the party, while the 100-seats room on Saturday was proven to be way too small (and warm!). - Tristan Nitot
  • FOSDEM was terrific for many reasons. It seems like this has become one of the premier community events for Mozilla Europe. It combined in-person connections with formal presentations about Mozilla. And, it goes without saying that it was really fun! I think this is a very worthwhile ongoing investment for Mozilla to support its community. - sethb
  • FOSDEM 2008 really boosted my (already extremely high) enthusiasm for Mozilla and reminded me of why working for Mozilla has been a dream of mine since 2002. The Mozilla community is simply amazing; nothing even compares. - David Tenser
  • Year after year FOSDEM is better and better. More and more mozillians come from everywhere. This reinforces my feelings that we are one community. The saturday evening was wonderful, we got the chance to know each other better than in a traditional restaurant, but definitely I need to practice bowling. I can't wait for FOSDEM 2009! Thanks a lot everyone. - Flore (Frenchmozilla)
  • It was really awesome to meet all you people with whom I've worked for so many years on so great things, but never had the chance to meet! I'm looking forward to more meet-ups! -hwaara