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Mozilla Foundation 2018 OKRs

Mozilla Foundation’s work feeds into and supports Mozilla Foundation's overall goal of fueling a movement for a healthy internet. You can read more about this goal and our programs in the Mozilla Foundation strategy overview.

You can find more details about our OKRs and key activities in this document.

Q1 Open Calls

Topline Goal: reach new audiences and grow the movement by linking big internet issues with quality of life and everyday experiences.

# Key Results Baseline
0.1 Grow our email subscriber base by 20% annually (including 7% during the first six months of the year). 1,437,307 engaged users Target: 1H (+100k): 1,537,307,903 / 2H (+187k): 1,724,307
0.2 Fundraise $7.7M in grants (restricted) and $4.4M in individual donations (unrestricted).

Core Theme: Your Data and You

Theme: your data and you -- exploring the data we create, the platforms and devices that collect it, ways to secure it and the laws that protect it.

Guidance: ~60% of investments, content and activities across all OKRs. Also ties to OKR 3: ‘improve how companies collect and store consumer data’

OKR 1: Shape the Agenda: More people share compelling narratives and engage in discussions about internet health, as a result of raising the utility and quality of the Internet Health Report.

Responsible: Sam Burton

# Key Results KR Lead
1.1 50 community members share high-quality responses to the 2018 Internet Health Report (eg. blog posts, op-eds). Amira Dhalla
1.2 Engagement in Internet Health Report grows by 50% over 2017 baseline
  1. unique visitors to the site
  2. PDF downloads
  3. comments about the report (comments on site + emails via contact form)
Kasia Odrozek
1.3 Grow # of people who use IHR materials in presentations and workshops external to Mozilla, in 4 languages. Sam Burton / Jairus Khan

OKR 2: Connect Leaders: Grow talent, cultivate collaborations and develop new thinking on internet health by improving our fellowship, awards and alumni programs.

Responsible: Rizwan Tufail

# Key Results KR Lead
2.1 Practices, products and policies of 60% of 2017/2018 fellows are adopted by Mozilla, host organizations or others. Ann Marie Carrothers
2.2 25% increase in individual and host org applications, with 75% coming from outside North America. Aurelia Moser
2.3 3 new foundation partners commit to investing funds in Mozilla fellowships and awards. Jenn Beard

OKR 3: Rally Citizens: Win campaigns that improve how companies collect, store and use consumer data by working with people and orgs from across movements.

Responsible: Sara Haghoodsti

# Key Results KR Lead
3.1 Get a product that is egregious with respect to children’s privacy improved or removed based on concerns generated by Mozilla and partners. Sara Haghoodsti
3.2 10% increase in conscious choosers in the US who consider security of consumer data primarily company’s responsibility. Vojtech Sedlak & Jen Caltrider
3.3 50% of online fundraising income comes in via our campaigns on consumer data protection. Jon Lloyd

OKR 4: Public Messaging and Relevance: Grow public engagement around internet health by developing a constant stream of messaging about the work of Mozilla, our fellows and our allies.

Responsible: Lotta Rao

# Key Results KR Lead
4.1 Monthly aggregate traffic on to match current traffic to all mofo controlled web properties plus an additional 20%. (To be finalized) Jesse Von Doom
4.2 30% of MoFo press coverage features the work or quotes from fellows or awardees, including WINS finalists. Kevin Zawacki
4.3 Grow social engagement by 25% through content about fellows, alumni, partners, & allies. Jen Caltrider / Temi Lasade-Anderson

OKR 5: Working open: Increase the breadth and depth of people participating in our work by inviting them into a year round cycle of open leadership training and events.

Responsible: Sarah Allen

# Key Results KR Lead
5.1 50 new community members from outside North America engage in 2 or more events - (mentorship program, WOW or other training, Global Sprint, and other online participatory experiences). Stephanie Wright
5.2 90% of mentored project leads from OL #4 & #5 come back as a mentor, MozFest facilitator, or global sprint wrangler. Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

OKR 6: Sustainability: Foster a healthy organizational culture, financial stability and clear goals and metrics to set MoFo up for long-term growth and impact.

Responsible: Lainie DeCoursy

# Key Results KR Lead
6.1 Convert 1.25 % of US mid-level donors ($100-999) resulting in 25 major gifts over $1,000. Juan Barajas
6.2 Increase staff impact and engagement with a goal of improving engagement survey scores in the areas of diversity & inclusion, collaboration & communication, and execution by 10% in the July survey. Angela Plohman
6.3 Produce and share (1) impact evaluation report of MoFo’s 2016-2018 strategy that includes a map of the movement and baseline metrics (for ToC) to inform MoFo’s 2019-2021 strategy. Paul Zenke