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Design Specs

For the latest UX specifications, please visit:

Use Cases

  • Tom wants to make a phone call and clicks on the Contacts app
  • The Contacts app displays a list of all his contacts sorted by the default ordering:
    • First Name, Last Name
  • Tom selects a name and is taken to a details view of the individual contact
  • In the details view, Tom is able to:
    • Dial a phone number directly selecting it
    • Send an email
    • Send a text message
    • Edit the contact info by selecting "Edit"
    • Delete the contact
    • Add to Favorites
  • Tom has the ability to 'Add a new contact' directly from the main Contacts view
  • Tom can easily scroll through his contacts list or 'quick search' by panning through the alphabet list to find a contact
  • Tom has the ability to search through his contacts list by:
    • First name
    • Last name
  • Tom has the ability to import his contacts from his previous phone and some of the online services he uses today
  • Given Tom has setup a Persona account with his B2G phone, all the contacts he's manually entered as well as imported in from his email service are stored in the cloud and accessible to him anytime.


Gaia v1

  • The Contacts app offers several features:
    • Ability to add a new contact - available fields:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Profile photo
      • Phone number - mobile (primary) and offers the ability add work and home numbers
      • Email address - home (primary) and offers the ability to add work and other email addresses
    • Scrollable contacts list
      • 'Quick search' allows user to pan through the alphabet to find a specific contact by name
    • Detailed contact view
      • In view mode, user has the ability to:
        • Select a phone number to dial it
        • Select an email address to compose an email
        • Select 'send a text message' to compose an SMS
        • Add to Favorites in the Dialer app
      • In edit mode, user has the ability to:
        • Add/edit name
        • Add/edit profile photo
        • Add/edit phone numbers
        • Add/edit email address
        • Delete contact
    • Ability to import Contacts from:
      • Previous feature/smart phone (via SIM card)
      • Online service contacts (confirming with partners)
    • Contacts in the cloud
      • Tied to a Persona account, users will have the ability to take existing imported (or entered) data in the Contacts app and 'back it up' to Mozilla's cloud servers
      • Users who need to reset their B2G phone will have the ability to log into their phone with their Persona account and their contacts would populate the Contacts app
      • Users who upgrade/switch to a new B2G phone will also be able to log into their phone and it would populate the Contacts app

Gaia v2

  • User has the ability to easily scroll through their list sorted by:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • User is able to set this preference in Gaia/Settings
  • User has the ability to add more data fields:
    • Contact address
    • Contact URL
    • Contact specific ringtone/text tone
    • Contact job info
    • Contact birthday
  • Ability to import Contacts from:
    • Gmail
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • Hotmail
    • LinkedIn


Source code on Github

Security Review

The security review of this app can be found here.


Ideas and explorations