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Status updates

  • benfrancis
    • Testing hosting apps from their own subdomains on a web server, filing bugs
    • Discussing browser app requirements, universal navigation, permissions model, browser API & getUserMedia
    • Code reviewsv
    • Next: working on browser app
  • mdas
    • Mg tests removed due to libraries Marionette doesn't support. Fixed, but now there are errors due to
    • Mg tests are currently developed in b2g desktop environment, running in mochitest, but the automation uses b2g in an emulator, which has no support for mochitest yet. In the meantime, we should discuss techniques of mirroring test environments, ie: enabling marionette testing in b2g desktop and having sufficient documentation on its usage. We are also pulling in parts of mochitest to Marionette just to let the current tests run, but we should migrate to Marionette if possible.
  • djf
    • dealing with fallout from my window manager rewrite. Please let me know if I've broken anything of yours
    • as part of the homescreen change I completely broke the way we wrote mochitests and created a new test framework. This one is generator based, which means that it should actually be easier to use, especially for long tests that would otherwise be deeply nested with asynchronous callbacks
    • going to modify homescreen app manager to actually use the mozApps API. This will change the way that we add new apps to the homescreen. I'll try to document that once I know what it will be.
  • justindarc
  • etienne
    • work with the new test framework
    • bugfixing/cleanup on the contacts, implementing the destroy feature
    • small bugfixes found by dogfooding the phone
  • UX (Josh, Patryk)
  • Pavel
    • I work just couple of hours and help with some UI stuff
    • Work on calculator UI and test some UI stuf like css grid
  • QA (John, Geo)
    • Currently working on Test Plan for up to Milestone 5.1; need inputs/user stories for targets to shoot for on M2.5
    • asks all Gaia people writing JS tests if they can please document their tests: e.g. a comment line before each command/verification explaining what's happening. This would help us produce more tests. Especially useful where tests have alot of async stuff
  • Product (clee)
  • donovan
    • learned about mochitest/marionette
    • Took over responsibility for TCPSocket.js while vivian is on vacation
  • harry
  • timdream
    • Making sure Gaia apps supports orientation
    • Working on IME
    • annoy kaze on proper i18n for Asian from time to time