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The main focus of Gaia Milestone 2.5 is to have a Developer Preview Phone that increases the audience of developers who can contribute to the overall Boot to Gecko project.

The goal is to land all P1 bugs listed below for the 2.5 milestone as well as the P1 tasks from M2.1.


  • March 26, 2012 is the drop dead day for M2.5. Here is a break down per day:

Friday 3/23

• Identify final QA checklist for M2.5 acceptance testing

Sunday 3/25

• 11PM PDT All issues for the 2.5 Milestone need to be checked-in and landed in the B2G Repository
• 12AM PDT Cjones tags Final Candidate Build and communicates when ready

Monday 3/26

• 9AM PDT B2G QA test fest to verify all changes that landed in Sunday's build.
• 3PM PDT Meet in Very Good Very Mighty to discuss status
• 11PM PDT All fixes due in B2G Repository
• 12AM PDT Cjones cut *final* build for M2.5

Tuesday 3/27

• 9AM PDT M2.5 Closes Out ===> M3


Gecko work for the Milestone 2.5

Description Priority Status Details Owner i18n UX Specs Bugs
Gecko Updater P1 TAKEOFF details cjones

Permission DB P2 RUNWAY details bent/jstraus

Notifications P1 RUNWAY details TBD

Auto orientation P1 INFLIGHT details mounir

Prototype Settings API P2 INFLIGHT details kaze

Network Settings v2 P1 INFLIGHT details philikon

Device Storage API prototype P2 RUNWAY details TBD

Gaia work for the Milestone 2.5

Description Priority Status Details Owner i18n UX Specs Bugs
Gaia Updater P1 INFLIGHT details benfrancis

Browser P1 INFLIGHT details benfrancis

Camera UI P1 RUNWAY details TBD

Email P1 INFLIGHT details vingtetun

Calendar P2 INFLIGHT details benfrancis

Volume Controls P1 INFLIGHT details vingtetun

Status Legend:

  • RUNWAY - Waiting for design or initial planning
  • TAKEOFF - Ready for work to begin
  • INFLIGHT - Work is in progress. Patches should be in bugs.
  • LANDED - Work has finished and is in the product.

Blockers As of 3/22

Required for M2.5

  1. Gaia Updater (Fabrice)
  2. WIFI Issues (Blake/Kaze) <-- needs an issue logged
  3. App Loading Time (DJF)
  4. Games GFX Issues (cjones) <-- needs an issue logged
  5. Hack Auto-Kill for expensive apps (DJF)

QA Milestone Report

M2.5 Release Candidate Testing Focus

  1. Black box testing of GAIA from a first run approach. Step through each app for functionality, performance, usability
  2. Since we are tight on time, scope API testing to the functionality GAIA exposes- just stick to app testing
  3. Verify the list of m2.5blockers
  4. Verify high value m2.5 changes