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  • Welcome Ben Francis as a Mozilla employee!


Status updates

  • benfrancis
    • Helping to get Gaia Updater working
    • Created a working Market app (by wrapping an existing Labs site)
    • Working with UX & WebAPI teams to define detailed requirements & design for browser in M3
    • Next: Lots of work on the browser!
  • mdas
    • Nothing to report. b2g desktop was broken ( so I couldn't fully test the "make marionette" command. Better docs and tutorials will follow.
    • related Q2 goals:
      • we will be adding mochitest and reftest support to b2g, as well as at least 3 simple performance tests (time to launch app after click event, etc).
  • djf
    • Need an assignment: what shall I work on?
  • justindarc
  • etienne
    • Landed the desktop notifications, used for missing calls
    • Started to run tests with Marionette
    • Usual dogfooding fixes
  • kazé
  • UX (Josh, Patryk, Casey)
    • Defining Visual Design Style
    • Defining visual design assets needed for potential external contract work
    • Solidifying UX patterns / wireframes (system > notifications, activities, etc)
  • Pavel
  • QA (John, Geo)
  • Product (clee)
  • Project (elancaster)
    • worked on getting phones to scottsdale
    • helping chris lee
    • still splitting time between fx for android
  • fzzzy (donovan)
    • where'd my update go
  • harry
  • timdream
    • Worked on Chinese IME and small fixes on keyboard and SMS
    • Going to work on overhaul the SMS logic to prevent the big issue before M3 to happen again
    • Also, update SMS app layout to -moz-box so we could adopt it for flexbox UI
  • lightsofapollo (James Lal)
    • Working on testing infrastructure for unit tests/marriontte tests.
    • Going to start using the above to drive development on email app
    • while working on top of what Vivien has worked on so far.
  • lco (Larissa Co)
    • Refining Gaia browser concepts (next wireframes will show the difference between v1 and v2 of the browser based on feature priorities-- will probably finish this EOD or tomorrow am)