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Note - New Gaia bugzilla components created for each app/area, help migrate bugs into those respective components.

This Week

Blockers are trending down!  Thanks Devs for fixing stuff!   as a result: 12-3 build has been one of the stabilist to date
   Moving to a "beta" channel soon, reflashing dogfooders, fresh start
   Contract QA Team still working through test areas (running test passes, reviewing testcaes); following areas are still pending:
   Utility Tray, Keyboard and Text handling, First Time Experience, Sound, SIM Lpck, System Bluetooth, Wrapper, Dialer, Contacts, Cost Control, Facebook,  SMS, Keyboard.  Task breakdown here:
   Plan - clean up all our first pass of failed/invalid tests, and will respin a brand new testrun to go through a 1st pass
   Working hard to close QA Wanted: - currently 21 bugs affected

Last Week

   ontract QA team started last week, began executing Functional testruns
   Pass: 778, Fail: 158, Invalid: 175
   This first pass is giving us tons of feedback on testcases that need fixing (outdated steps, need to move to v2)
   Smoketest blockers, still shows 16 open
   11-26 smoketests issues:
   [NEW] [CALL LOG] Outgoing calls are not appearing in call log -
   [NEW] [BLUETOOTH] Receive images from another device is not working -
   [NEW] [sms] Compose/share activities are unable to return to calling app once message is sent -
   [EXISTING] [sms] No sound is played when receiving a text message with vibration and sound enabled -
   [EXISTING] [camera] Appears a lot of vertical lines on the screen after you take a photo. -
   [EXISTING] Videos are recorded at 90deg -
   [EXISTING] [Apps] Unable to install packaged apps when running OOP -
   [EXISTING] [Contact] Crash after importing around 445 contacts from Facebook -
   [EXISTING] Bug 815274 - [SMS] - Can't open the SMS application from a newly arrived SMS message in the notification panel
   Gaia  Automation work: 10 tests passed against webQA jenkins server.  working  on a plan to supplement the automated testruns as part of our daily  manual smoketest
   A few blockers in progressing more testcases
   Other blockers
   busted packaged apps
   3rd party app work still being discussed
   Sound testcases late


Nov 27:

  • Welcome Jamie!
  • UX Branch
    • Doing weekly pull requests
    • Gordon is in Madrid this week
    • Sam is working from Paris
    • Sergi and Arnau contributing for TEF
    • Interaction design:
    • Triaging "interaction" bugs.
    • Assigning P1-5
    • UX team filing and editing bugs as follows, as we review:
    • Component
    • Summary
      • Description of bug only. No need to also duplication whiteboard and keywords.
    • Whiteboard
      • interaction
      • visual design
      • sound
      • ...are not mutually exclusive
    • Priority
      • 1-5


    • Keywords
      • perf
  • Visual design:
    • Triaging "visual design" bugs
    • Fixing bugs hands on
  • Performance:
    • Peter triaging and nominating
  • Submitting tweaks for small number of remaining areas
    • IP

Status Updates

Late feature work:

- We need to get all changes in Gecko for accomplish our performance goal. - List of blockers needed to be fixed in Gecko: Summary of all bugs:

  • Bluetooth file transfer (Ian Liu)
    • Send and receive should both work now. (updated by Dominic XD)
  • Facebook integration (Jose Manuel & Cristian) - fine tuning implementation, test cases defined and testing started, currently changing some UX flows and adding building blocks (except lists as it is being changed).
  • System notification: not connected to the network (MichalN) - needs bug #?
  • ADU reporting (GPS) - implementing Firefox Health Report - core code landed disabled, waiting on privacy/security sign-off
  • Cell Broadcast (Vicamo) - landed last night!
  • Cost Control (Salva, Fernando Campo)
 - Pending platform bugs:
   - (SMS) - nomintated to be bb+
   - (phone calls) - already bb+
 - Moved to OOP but other bugs arose:
 - Widget loads eagerly but it is solved
 - Backgrounds iframe are kept in `foreground` because they need to be awake so...
 - ...SMS and CC applications are kept in foreground and OOM killer could not reclaim their memory under memory pressure (as Cjones points out)
 - Options seems to be (not mutually excluyent and probably compatible):
   - Solve bug #810453
   - Move to Alarm API to close the CC service as soons as it is not needed and let system message to awake the application again
   - Get some backend support:
     - Data usage alerts
     - Inform about non-free actions: credit, SMS...
  • System message issues (Salva, Borja) - system message handlers appear on card view and prevent the user to open the application because the window manager thinks the app is already opened.
    • Bug #?
  • App Install (benfrancis, francisco, julienw, ferjm)
 Feature complete! Still some bugs and edge cases to iron out.