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Welcome to C3



Note - New Gaia bugzilla components created for each app/area, help migrate bugs into those respective components. This week

   7 Smoketest blockers needing fixes:
   Vetting testcase results from QAnalysts; trying to fix test areas.  Our schedule:
   Friday, Dec 14th - complete all testcases, fixing/modifying/ importing; complete automated Gaia UI tests on device (22 tests so far working)
   12/18: still in progress.  still a lot of areas that need testcase vetting (app management work, payments, ID, and settings)
   Friday, Dec 28th - complete a full first time run on the B2G v1.0 TestRun.  
   12/18 Update: Still on track, we cut a first pass of testrun today
   Jan 14th - verify Gaia and B2G fixed bugs
   Daily Execution results in
   performing end to end testing against crash reporting and socorro
   signed off on release engineering builds posted on pvtbuilds location
   lots of triage, and a tall list of bug verifications to go through
   Working hard to close QA Wanted: - currently 27 bugs affected
   Mutiple device coverage coming soon

Last Week

   Blockers are trending down!  Thanks Devs for fixing stuff!   as a result: 12-3 build has been one of the stabilist to date
   Moving to a "beta" channel soon, reflashing dogfooders, fresh start
   Contract QA Team still working through test areas (running test passes, reviewing testcaes); following areas are still pending:
   Utility Tray, Keyboard and Text handling, First Time Experience, Sound, SIM Lpck, System Bluetooth, Wrapper, Dialer, Contacts, Cost Control, Facebook,  SMS, Keyboard.  Task breakdown here:
   Plan - clean up all our first pass of failed/invalid tests, and will respin a brand new testrun to go through a 1st pass
   Working hard to close QA Wanted: - currently 21 bugs affected


Dec 18: + fixing bugs and landing them in UX branch + triaging bugs daily with "visual design" and "interaction" white boards + slowly transitiong into planning for v.2, so that dev doesn't need to wait for specs when we're all ready to begin work + a few of us are working on v.1.1, currently completing specs, looks like visual design is going to be have minimal impact.


-Office hours for b2g testers last week, will also do the same this week to get folks updated and fix anyone who is on a new build, but not on the beta channel -Cheng out rest of year, Michelle to report feedback with help from Tyler Downer -Please use relnotes whiteboard/keyword for any bugs that we don't get fixed that need documentation! ADD YOUR STUFF HERE! SMS: - Some issues in Gecko to be solved in order to get the right user experience. Latest one related with 'markAsRead' is: All tracked in Cost Control:

 - Refactor is almost done. All functionalities have been recovered.
 - Looking for unexpected regressions and bugs
 - Statistics API flaw can be worked arount in Gaia
 - I need to land the code although it lacks of:
   - Using system messages to keep Telephony statistics synchronized
 - Remaining bb+ bugs are delayed until finishing #816927 (hope nex friday to finish, and next week to land). I need some help here.


 - Planning workshop (version next/roadmap) next week with the product/UX/marketing/engineering leads

C3 Status Check

Late feature work:

C3 Blockers: