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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

  • Meeting connection details: httphs://


    • Meeting re-arrange proposal: Tuesday 0900PST for dev status per release, and Tuesday 1700PST for group coordination.
    • Failing smoketests:
    • Joint triage happening 0800PST Monday - Friday


Feb 05:

   Currently running regression testrun 4 with our regression test team; ETA end of today
   let's have a discussion offline about how to channel the information; some concerns about regression testers adding comments to existing bugs that are not getting traction.  How can we best handle this information?
   Starting to work with other phones and prepare for MWC
   Have one Geeksphone currently in messed up display state (note adb still works) working with Fabrice (we'll get an image from a working phone and try to restore)

Last week

   we're going through moztrap and working with regression test cases with our contractors
   problem - alot of bugs are getting invalidated, even though they appear to be based on valid requirements
   We need a list of area owners (dev?/product?/ux?) so that our contractors can work directly with these owners to clarify ambiguous or poor requirements and/or rewrite problem testcases 
   jammink: schedule a meeting withj doljanksy (et al) to clarify defective reqs.
   include examples of bugs that are getting invalidated
   need to correlate smoketest failures with actual bugs filed (blockers)
   need to start making note of the bugs that cause regressions


Feb 05: Visual Design

  • Swamped with bug fixes for OEM partner
  • TEF+ Bugs are being taken care of by the TEF team.

Jan 22:

  • UX-P1 / P? — Have asked TEF to switch to P? and to reduce number of duplicates.
  • Documentation — Spinning up efforts to document a wide range of items
  • Customization —
  • Bugs —


-We're in doc-sprint mode --working to get all topics to beta before geeksphones land -Please use relnotes whiteboard/keyword for any bugs that we don't get fixed that need documentation! -Ralph and Rosana from SUMO are in Brazil to engage with new contributors and do L10n doc sprints and connect with Vivo

1.0 Release Status (TEF)

   Landing details:
   Triage times:
   Blocking bugs:
   Performance Status (DavidS)
   See wiki for Meetings and Status:
   TEF UX Bugs Status (DavidS)

Roundtable (add your questions)

1.0.1 Release Status (Shira)

   Landing details:
   Triage times:
   20 Blocking bugs:
   2/15 code freeze. Any Needinfo? review? assigned without updates, please pay attention to Shira+ as well.
   Please raise if shira+ bug cannot be fixed by 2/15
   Other updates: [khu] Taipei Gaia team took Gaia works(bug fixing). Arthur = Roaming charge, Alive = Captive portal. 
   Other notes: [khu] This meeting is too late for Taipei and i won't join. If you've any question, please mail khu and/or jcheng. Thanks!

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1.1 Release Status (Leo)

   Landing details:
   Triage times:
   Blocking bugs:
   Contacts: Tech lead - Fabrice, eng mgr - Dylan, PMs - Sri Kasetti, Peter Dolanjski

Roundtable (add your questions)


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