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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Announcements & Notices

Add your workweeks, new hires, other announcements:


Reporter: jsmith




Talking this week: jrburke Sprint tracking wiki: Notes: The Team: asuth, evanxd, gaye, lightsofapollo, doliver, jrburke, mcav, millermedeiros, awiss, jhford, cserran, tony (qa), william hsu (qa), jhuang (ux), harly (ux)

  • starting stability phase
  • email outbox still in progress, now planned for 2.1
  • email privileged now

Media front end

Talking this week: hema

  • Our team: Dave Hylands, David Flanagan, Mike Habicher, Jim Porter, Hema Koka, Dominic Kuo, John Hu, Diego Marcos, Wilson Page, Justin D'Arcangelo , Punam Dahiya (part-time), Russ Nicoletti (part-time) Product: Sri Kasetti Ux: Rob MacDonald, Patryk Adamczyk EPM: Candice Serran QA: Marcia Knous
    • Landed v1.3t moz-resampling enhancements for platform-supported image resizing to master (v2.0)
    • Ringtones (Create, Set, Delete, Share) and Camera features (Touch Focus, C-AF, Face Detection) targeted for 2.0 landed. Please try it out and provide feedback.
    • Started adding new perf startup events to FM Radio and Camera apps
    • Continuing to work on blocker bugs


Talking this week: mchang TEAM: eli, geo, hub, huseby, jhylands, mchang, mlee, wlach, Walter Chen Sites

Comms app

Talking this week: Francisco

Systems front end

Talking this week: Michael H Sprint tracking wiki: Daily standups: The team: cserran, gwagner, qdot, michael h, aus, alexandre, francis, jason, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, gmarty, sfoster, naoki, tef, tedders1 Updates:

  • 2.0 Feature Landings
  • Vertical Homescreen
  • Visual Refresh (headers)
  • Revamped FTE for vertical homescreen
  • Offline Error screens
  • Continuing to work on last few VH issues



Round Table

  • [julien] split of Marionette JS jobs in Travis
  • [julien] when are 1.3t and 1.4 finished?
  • [Preeti] 1.4 not finished yet
  • For CAF chipset: likely end end of June
  • For Spreadtrum chip set: End of July/ early August
  • [jsmith] 1.3T - pushing for a shutdown asap, but don't have an answer on when
  • [wilson] Can talk about web-components stuff
  • [yzen] what happens to and the old home screen? is it staying on tablets for now?
  • [yzen] feel free to use a11y-review flag in bugzilla (was recently added)