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Program Overview

The new Gaia architecture (or, the next generation Gaia architecture) proposes a new Firefox OS application framework that aims to create a more webby Firefox OS application platform.

The proposal is documented in

Each components of the architecture will be validated by converting applications to use these components. For example Music will be converted to have its front-end separated from its back-end with the app bridge being the protocol machine for the front- and back-ends.

Initially two apps (Music and SMS) are chosen to be converted to the new architecture to evaluate the new architecture's APIs as well as to evaluate the "new" apps' performance and memory profiles. In the process of conversion we will also focus on the useability of the APIs for apps developers and Firefox OS apps development best practices based on the new architecture.

More details on the the validation plan is here:


Weekly program meeting notes:

Team Wiki's and detailed Team Status


  • EM: Francisco Jordano
  • EPM: Maria Oteo