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General info

  • Members
    • Borja Salguero (DEV)
    • Fernando Campo (DEV)
    • Jorge Prudencio (DEV)
    • Manuel Casas (DEV)
    • Alberto Villena (QA)
    • Maria Oteo (EPM)
  • Meetings:
    • Daily happening everyday in Mumble at 10:30 CEST
    • Sprint Planning, on Monday (every two weeks)
  • Links of interest:

Sprint objectives

We have the same objectives than in FxOS-S3 because they were too ambitious to be accomplished in just one sprint. The idea is that cycle 2 will last FxOS-S3 and FxOS-S4 sprints.

We hope landing all pending bugs from FxOS-S3 during the last week of July so for the first week of August, during Paris ww, we can be focused on working with the rest of NGA teams in navigation, pre-rendering, performance...

As part of the cycle 2 in the porting of Contacts app to the NGA, our main targets were:

  • Integrate #new within Contacts app in master:
    • Ensuring that all is working fine via
      • Moving all the logic related to 'curtain' to a Panel (currently is a separate <iframe>) (Bug 1182484) Done in FxOS-S3
      • Create a 'matching' view in a separated .html (matching_contacts.html) to remove all the dependencies (Bug 1181996) Done in FxOS-S3
      • Open contacts_matching with instead of an i-frame. (Bug 1182509)
    • Final version of the navigation (gaia component) ready
    • Include #new in Contacts app using navigation (merged in /shared folder)
  • Merge #update activity in master as a self contained view
  • First version of #open and #import activities agreed during last sprint, they will be merged to unify the code and the offered UI. First tasks division:
    • MetaBug: Either to normalize behaviour (make import and open do the same things) or to Support IMPORT activity.
    • Modify manifest to use Independent html for vcard (load.html?import.html?) and mozContact (details.html)
    • [trivial] Modify activity handler to call same code for import and open vcard.
    • Modify activity_vcard to stop differentiating one or many contacts on vcard
  • Improve Start-up time in Contacts application:
    • FB loader
    • Check the bootstrap, lazy loading
  • Regarding performance measures, we want to have at least, the measures of opening an activity using Raptor+Marionette and comparing the current results with the ones obtained before all the NGA migration started.
  • Crazy Ideas & Improvements: propose ideas for the NGA ww for Contacts or other Gaia applications. It's a nice to have in the sprint.
  • For the Paris ww (second week of this sprint), we have planned to work together to land in master all the new, open, update, list and settings views (or at least having a demo branch with all this working). The idea is using the navigation, the pre-render and the render cache.

Bugs for this sprint

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Other bugs to pay attention

As in this sprint we are going to work with the importing functionality when merging "import" and "open" activities, here there's a selection of bugs related to this feature. It would be great if we could fix some of them, but only if we have bandwidth (specially the 2.5+)

2.5+ bugs related to import functionality

  • Bug 1178241 - [vCard] 'undefined' is displayed when a field exist but there's no value in. Assigned to Francisco and Borja to review it
  • Bug 1178418 - When importing a multiple contacts vcard, if a contact does not have Company field, "false" is shown in the import contacts list (Manu) Resolved
  • Bug 1178529 - [Contacts] Contacts list will be dismissed when user attempts to import contacts the second time from an email account that didn't have any on the first attempt.
  • Bug 1179923 - Wrong total count when importing a vcard with several contacts via Bluetooth

other non-blocking bugs related to import functionality

  • Bug 1152986 - Contact Last Name is repeated in Name field when viewing an attached vcard with Last Name and without Name fields
  • Bug 1152237 - [Flame][Message]Device will enter contacts list page when you tap the .vcf (without name and last name) to view
  • Bug 1124095 - Incorrect message when receiving contacts via Bluetooth

Daily meetings

Issues during the sprint

  • Some important bugs have been blocking our testing:
    • Bug 1189884 - [Contacts] Sometimes Contacts cannot be imported from SIM card Resolved
    • Bluetooth failures: many bugs have been reported:
      • Bug 1122177 - [Bluetooth] pairing fails while device is searching for other devices
      • Bug 1175955 - passive pairing not work when fresh flash.
        • Note: This is the one that affects us more but, at least, restarting the device we can avoid the bug and testing the new BT transfer.
      • Bug 1182644 - [Bluetooth] When transferring a file to laptop, device restarts upon completion of transfer.
  • Regressions introduced to be fixed in this sprint:
    • Bug 1185143 - [Contacts] Backing out of selecting an emergency/ICE contact brings user to blank page in Contacts (Manu)
    • Bug 1185090 - [Contacts] Cannot send MMS to email address from contact page. (Fernando) Resolved, and verified
    • Bug 1186108 - [Contacts] Cannot share contact via MMS (regression of an old patch from Adrian) (Fernando)
    • Bug 1191471 - [Contacts] Creating a new contact has no default fields populated. Francisco to confirm if it's a bug or not
    • Bug 1191606 - [Contacts][Import] Contact thumbnails are improperly cropped to the upper left portion of the image on the import screen: Possible regression when landing Bug 1184075 - [NGA][Contacts] Normalize behaviour for IMPORT and OPEN activities (Fernando) .
    • Bug 1191723 - [Contacts]Tap "+" to create a new contact, before inputting anything, the status of "Done" button is available (Borja)
  • Manu branch that includes Borja's patch, Bug 1183727, navigation and the context menu in the Contact's list:
  • One issue found by Borja in system frontend that can be reproduced in master and specially when applying the patch in Bug 1182509 - [Contacts][NGA] Open contacts_matching with
    • Bug 1188350 - When opening a URL with, the title is not set properly. Set as 2.5+
  • Other issue detected when working in Bug 1183727 - [Contacts][NGA] Create #update view and connect it to #open within Contacts App
    • Bug 1184953 - [Web Components] Document's element registry is not persisted in the BF Cache
  • Other issue detected in System (window management) due to works within the app, but not in the Activity contacts (actually it's not responsive). It has raised after landing Bug 1182509 - [Contacts][NGA] Open contacts_matching with
    • Bug 1190775 - [System] If an activity perform a, the popup will be unresponsive
  • Vivien has created a PoC about Navigation in System. It would be the same library done by Manu, but applied to all apps so if it finally lands we would avoid applying the navigation to each specific isolated view in Contacts.
    • Bug 1190805 - Support <link rel="prerender" href="foo.html"> for B2G/Gai
  • Reported bug in matching view Bug 1191288 - Broken UI in Contacts matching screen


Demo branch in Paris:


Actions taken from last sprint

Things that went well

Things that went not that well

Actions for this sprint (apart of the Sprint Objectives)