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General info

  • Members
    • Borja Salguero (DEV)
    • Fernando Campo (DEV)
    • Manuel Casas (DEV)
    • Maria Oteo (EPM)
  • Meetings:
    • Daily happening everyday in Mumble at 10:30 CEST
    • Sprint Planning, on Monday (every two weeks)
  • Links of interest:

Sprint objectives

  • In last sprint we reverted the changes that gave us separated views (we keep the separation of fronted-bankend) so the all views separation commits have been rolled back in master build.
  • The reason for doing this is that we won't have the expected quality in master if we leave it as it is:
    • Our navigation was not the perfect one, as we were missing some important pieces like support for pre-rendering and navigation transition.
    • Some regressions were detected in master that provokes rebuilds in the contact list when Contacts is in background (see this video to check it )
      • This is due to the use of BFCache that is going to save a lot of memory when the app is going to the background, as it will evict the cached views that we are not using anymore.
      • To fix this we could use the virtual list with the DOM scheduler from Etienne but there is not enough time to do it in 2.5.
  • We have created a branch called NGA where we have some separate views (#new and #open), and where we will experiment and develop until we reach the quality expected.
  • In this sprint we are focused on landing all the pending NGA work in this new branch.
    • This will include landing the overlay, the list and settings separated views.
  • In order to keep the quality that we will need for 2.5 release, we have leave master with the single page navigation. We won't land in master anything else, just blockers..So post 2.5 release of contacts app could come from that development branch.

Bugs for this sprint

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Regressions introduced by our work (highest priority)

  • Bug 1191471 - [Contacts] Creating a new contact has no default fields populated. It needs the fix ONLY in NGA branch
  • Bug 1192180 - [Contacts]It can't enter contact details page. Feature 2.5+ Regression or better, extra feature. NI to Francisco
  • Bug 1183645 - Performance regression in Contacts. 2.5+
  • Bug 1200459 - updating a favorite contact removes it from favorites. (Manu) It needs the fix ONLY in NGA branch
  • Bug 1203063 - [Contacts]custom label of address is displayed as '#TYPE#'(Borja) It needs the fix ONLY in NGA branch
  • Bug 1196830 - "AssertionError: 9 != 8"
  • Bug 1203885 - [Contacts]It always prompts "Imported X contacts. contactsMerged" from a vcard so user don't know how many contacts are merged after importing. 2.5+ It needs the fix in master and NGA branches. RESOLVED

Other bugs to pay attention

Bugs we need to revisit when a decision is made about the view separation in Contacts

  • Bug 1191124 - Refactor Contacts to use modern L10n API
  • Bug 1156192 - [NFC] Dialer show shrinking UI when contact (shareable object) running on the background
  • Bug 1190543 - [Contacts] Opening Settings shows all buttons as enabled briefly before then disabling all relevant buttons

Issues found when landing our work but other FxOS teams have to fix

  • Bug 1188350 - When opening a URL with, the title is not set properly. Set as 2.5+
    • Issue found by Borja in system frontend that can be reproduced in master and specially when applying the patch in Bug 1182509 - [Contacts][NGA] Open contacts_matching with
  • Bug 1184953 - [Web Components] Document's element registry is not persisted in the BF Cache
    • Bug ssue detected when working in Bug 1183727 - [Contacts][NGA] Create #update view and connect it to #open within Contacts App
  • Bug 1198522 - Long pressing on an image in edit mode will bring up a menu that does not function. RESOLVED
  • Bug 1202359[Contacts]Tap the check box(small rectangular box) in "Duplicates Found" view for once, actually it performed double taps.
    • It seems similar to the already resolved by Etienne Bug 1190775 - [System] If an activity perform a, the popup will be unresponsive. NI to Etienne for more info.
    • Confirm if it has raised after landing Bug 1182509 - [Contacts][NGA] Open contacts_matching with ni to Etienne if no answer we should ask for the regression window.

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Actions taken from last sprint

Things that went well

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