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General info

  • Members
    • Borja Salguero (DEV)
    • Fernando Campo (DEV)
    • Jorge Prudencio (DEV)
    • Manuel Casas (DEV)
    • Alberto Villena (QA)
    • Maria Oteo (EPM)
  • Meetings:
    • Daily happening everyday in Mumble at 10:30 CEST
    • Sprint Planning, on Monday (every two weeks)
  • Links of interest:

Sprint objectives

  • Separate Cache.js from 'bootstrap.js', so we are ready to implement/test the RenderCache or any alternative cached model. Because we need to explore if the render cache is going to work exactly or as efficiently as the current contacts cache (Bug 1169582)
  • Move our requests to mozContacts API to a model based on Threads.js, so Contacts app in master is now ready to use thread.js library (Bug 1170125)
  • Decouple the code from 'contacts.js', getting rid of any inter-dependency between views. The idea is "cleaning" the code so next sprint, we can focus on details and edit self-content views

Bugs for this sprint

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Daily meetings

Issues during this sprint

  • Mozilla will be dropping the Facebook integration, at least for 2.2.1 FxOS version. This will affect FTU and Contacts apps (Meta to track Bug 1173011) so for the time being no integration neither any UI relative to FB will be shown
    • It does not mean that it will be eliminated for all next versions, it's still pending the decision until Product decision is made for Ignite.
    • For that reason, NGA Contacts team will not be affected, and we will continue handling the FB dependencies and ensuring all the test continue passing when landing the new code.
  • Raptor & marionette: Raptor is not useful right now for integrating with Marionette 1169775, and besides, it's only checking start up time in some conditions Bug 1169298



Actions taken from last sprint

None, NGA SP2 is our first sprint

Things that went well

  • Good bugs resolution speed
  • Work separation in smaller bugs helps to improve the landing speed
  • Working in prototypes to be showed in Mozilla, generating new ideas and creating solutions
  • Fast revisions by Francisco

Things that went not that well

  • The development, specially in the NGA libraries or in Raptor, is not enough mature and it impacts in our work: e.g Chris Lord Navigation is dropped now, Vivien new suggestion (Bug 1173286), based on the transitions that we have already in FxOS but at low level.

Actions for this sprint

  • As Raptor is not useful right now for integrating with Marionette 1169775 we need to:
    • AP1:Raise this issue in the NGA Program Management meeting and ask for deadline
    • AP2:In the meantime, we can try to add measures and print them with marionette.
  • Development Synchronization is necessary: weekly meetings, or weekly mails so everybody is aware of the changes and progress in the NGA libraries.
    • AP3:Raise this issue in the NGA Program Management meeting
  • When landing the new code, we are not involving QA team or doing any type of regression tests, besides we should not forget the FTU part that also involves Contacts functionality (Importing, Merging)
    • AP4: We need to plan with QA team how to plan and handle all this work.
  • AP5:Include a Contacts demo in the Agenda for Demo Sync Up meeting in Whistler (Tuesday in the morning)