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General info

  • Members
    • Borja Salguero (DEV)
    • Fernando Campo (DEV)
    • Jorge Prudencio (DEV)
    • Manuel Casas (DEV)
    • Alberto Villena (QA)
    • Maria Oteo (EPM)
  • Meetings:
    • Daily happening everyday in Mumble at 10:30 CEST
    • Sprint Planning, on Monday (every two weeks)
  • Links of interest:

Sprint objectives

  • Finishing the code decouple from 'contacts.js', getting rid of any inter-dependency between views. Pending bugs from NGA S2 and adding more dependencies that we didn't include during last sprint.
  • Initially we wanted to implement form.html and details.html as self-contained views completely in this sprint but the code is complex, there are a lot of conditions, so the idea is dividing the work in two steps: one basic and another more advanced that will include more dependencies and functionalities.
    • Edit view (form.html):
      • Basic part: NEW
      • Advanced part: UPDATE
    • Details view (details.html)
      • Basic part: OPEN (vcard and webcontact)
      • Advanced part: IMPORT (in case there is one contact, otherwise it goes to the contacts list)
  • We need to study the code and make the decision of reusing it or refactoring. This last option makes sense but it can introduce more regressions.

Bugs for this sprint

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Daily meetings

Issues during the sprint

  • Chris Lord’s navigation library proposal based on a content wrapper is not going to be used anymore. Vivien has started to work on a navigation model that implement the transitions (Bug 1173286) at Gecko level which is not very flexible. SMS team will use it for his demo in Whistler and we hope that we can discuss about the best navigation option there to make the better decision
  • After landing Bug 1174794, NGA Program Manager suggested replacing the NGA-Sx milestones with FxOS-Sx ones (more generic ones). Already done in NGA Contacts migration bugs. NGA-S1 and NGA-S2 will be maintained as there are not alternative milestones, the rest NGA-Sx ones will be eliminated (Bug 1176463)
  • We have many doubts about how progressing with FB integration, for the time being we have patches to eliminate the corresponding toggles in FTU and Contacts but we are not sure what to do with the rest. Waiting Borja and Francisco to confirm and perhaps Wilfred should be involved to make the Product decision.
  • Vcards in 3.0:
    • Current behaviour: will it continue being the same in 3.0? Confirmation from Mozilla needed
      • When receiving a single contact vcard from SMS, E-mail or DM, after downloading, the vcard is opened in edit mode to provide the option to save it (Workaround decided in Bug 1138371 for more info). But when receiving a single contact vcard from BT, the details view is shown instead.
      • In case a multiple contacts vcard, import screen is shown with all the Contacts included in the multiple Vcard. If user has the option to import them, all of them are included in the Agenda. In case of duplicated contacts scenario, the passive merging is applied.(Bug 849729 for more info). Selecting specific contacts from a multiple contacts vcard to be imported has never been implemented.
    • We are asking Francisco how to proceed with this, should we maintain the current behaviour? Specially for the single contact vcard importing. Or are they planning to unify it? (See Bug 1175505 and Bug 1149938)
  • Created Jira tasks to handle the testing for open, update and import activities before landing in master. QA team will help us with this task.
  • Borja is now Contacts peer!


We want to have a demo in Whistler where these basic form (NEW) and details (OPEN) can be shown as self contained views. From Contacts list -> we can access to the details view using Manu's navigation prototype and going back to the list at the same point using back and forward cache and also Session Storage. Demo slides with prototype videos:

Pre-render cache can not be used as it has not been implemented yet.


Actions taken from last sprint

Things that went well

  • Great Demo in Whistler
  • Borja is now Contacts peer

Things that went not that well

  • Review process has been delayed during Whistler ww.
  • Many treeherder issues that didn't let us land some bugs targeted in FxOS-S1 milestone

Actions for this sprint

  • As Raptor is not useful right now for integrating with Marionette 1169775 we need to:
    • AP1:Raise this issue in the NGA Program Management meeting and ask for deadline. Done: Borja talked to Eli and he said that this bug will be prioritized in his team (although in bugzilla there has not been any priority change). Besides Raptor team offered his help to prioritize the problems that we could face when measuring Contacts performance.
    • AP2:In the meantime, we can try to add measures and print them with marionette. Done: Alberto has already worked on it, we need to test it.
  • Development Synchronization is necessary: weekly meetings, or weekly mails so everybody is aware of the changes and progress in the NGA libraries.
    • AP3:Raise this issue in the NGA Program Management meeting. Done In Whistler it will be agreed the best way to do it with development team in charge of the NGA migration but for the time being, Vivien sent a complete update via dev-gaia list last 19th June.
      • We should open a follow-up task in next sprint to confirm that it happens after Whistler
  • When landing the new code, we are not involving QA team or doing any type of regression tests, besides we should not forget the FTU part that also involves Contacts functionality (Importing, Merging)
    • AP4:We need to plan with QA team how to plan and handle all this work.
  • AP5:Include a Contacts demo in the Agenda for Demo Sync Up meeting in Whistler (Details in Done