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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • New Grow Mozilla logo (thanks Sean!)
  • Get Involved page redesign
    • About a 50% jump in inquiries from lead generation now being main call to action
    • Increased attention on this form has also lead to some spamming -- a CAPTCHA is in place to address this
    • Also trying to channel support questions away from legitimate contribution inquiries
  • Upcoming events (standing item)
    • MozCamp Latin America (April 20-22)
    • Proposed "Mozilla Day" recruitment day in Minneapolis (cf: @glind). Leave-behinds, schwag, other help and ideas welcome.
    • QA Workshop in Turin (Proposed for end of May, 2012)

Action Items

  • Pedro to present dashboard concepts of conversion tracking and inquiry response tools at future meetings.
  • David to run Steward surveys regularly going forward to establish trends -- if anyone would like to have additional questions added let him know.