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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions from new people
  • Reminder: Submit for use in the contributor newsletter to Jennie: jhalperin at mozilla dot com
  • Working Group lightning updates (Jennie)
  • MozFest recap (Anyone who was at MozFest)
    • Community building track debrief
    • Mitchell's keynote (starts at 26 minutes in). Her big question: What does radical participation look like today?
  • Mentorship program relaunch (Renee/Yvan)
    • Description: This session will be a three part workshop to provide people with insight into the skills needed to be a mentor, past experiences from those who have been mentors, and a hands-on tutorial for those who would like to use the mentorship program to offer more structure with their volunteers.
  • update (David)
  • Planning for Portland (David)
    • Everyone is welcome to join all day Thursday and first half of Friday
    • Focus of that work is creating a roadmap for supporting both functional and regional communities
    • Last year's focus was on growth, what should we shift our focus to? Retention, capacity and development?
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (Dino Anderson, SF)
    • Changes to CPG Policy
    • Update on D&I Strategy.
    • Ways to measure "inclusion" and "diversity", and helpful benchmarks.
    • Question: If you would focus on one diversity and inclusion initiative, what would it be?
  • --New Topic-- (Presenter)
    • Estimated length:
    • Relevant links:

Action Items and Notes