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The Content Services Team is looking to give our global community a voice through tiles in hopes of increasing awareness around the work Mozilla is doing, especially when it comes to new users & new installs.

When a new user//new install first opens Firefox, a set of 9 pre-loaded tiles will appear on their homepage based on their location. You can learn more about how this works here on the Tiles Wiki Page. One of the 9 tiles that appear is dedicated to that user’s local community.

We are looking towards the community to give our global community a voice through Tiles.

We Need YOUR Help!

We are asking that members that are located within our community to create unique art for the their community tile that either links to their local Get Involved Page or a page of their choice.

With this tile, local community members will be able to increase awareness and activity in their local or regional communities by:

  • linking the tile to their localized Get Involved page
  • creating unique tile art that links to their (already localized) Get Involved page.
  • linking to a page of their choice, with unique art for the tile.

Who can Submit

The Community Content Teams for Tiles will be vouched Mozillians and Reps who have expressed an interest in creating meaningful content for their community. They should be from a diverse variety of areas, be able and have experience with working asynchronously, and be designers who want to broadcast their work to help people get involved with Mozilla.

We are launching our first set of Community Tiles on November 10th in a limited number of languages.
Unfortunately, we are not currently looking for Community Tiles in all languages. Please view the current list here. N.B.: If you do not see your community on this list, do not worry: we will be adding more languages as they are localized.

What To Submit

The rules for what Tiles should look like can be found at this link.

If you become a community content creator, you'll be submitting a Tile after discussing it in the forum. See the guidelines on How to Submit a Tile here

Other Community Tiles Guidelines

Please use language and topics that are accessible and understandable to users

Not divisive, offensive or partisan (politics, religion, etc)

More detailed information about the community.

How to Submit

1. Please fill out the application for Community Content Creators here

2. After you fill it out, you'll be provided with a link to a forum where you can discuss your ideas for your local tile with other Reps and vouched Mozillians from your area.

3. Discuss your Tile with your community! Use the template guidelines found here

4. Submit your finished Tile to contentservices at mozilla dot com

Still confused?

  • We will be hosting a Brown Bag on either 11/5 or 11/6 (still TBD) to further explain Community Tiles. We will be posting a link to the Brown Bag as soon as it is finished.
  • Read the Community Tiles FAQ.
  • You can also always submit a question to contentservices at mozilla dot com

Community Tiles Needed For the First Launch

The Community Tile has been translated into the following languages for the launch on November 10th: en-US,fr, de, es-ES, ja, pl, ru, pt-BR.

We are looking for members of the below 26 communities to submit tiles for the launch :

# Country Code Country Locale for Launch
1 AR Argentina es-ES
2 AT Austria de
3 AU Australia en-US
4 BE Belgium fr, en-US
5 BR Brazil pt-BR
6 BY Belarus ru
7 CA Canada en-US, fr
8 CH Switzerland de, fr, en-US
9 CL Chile en-ES
10 CO Columbia en-ES
11 DE Germany de
12 EC Ecuador es-ES
13 ES Spain es-ES
14 EU Europe en-US, de
15 FR France fr
16 GB UK en-US
17 HK Hong Kong en-US
18 JP Japan ja
19 KZ Kazakhastan ru
20 MX Mexico es-ES, en-US
21 NZ New Zealand en-US
22 PE Peru es_ES
23 RU Russia ru
24 SA Saudi Arabia en-US
25 US United States en-US
26 VE Venezuela es-ES


What do the generic tiles currently look like?

Mozilla Community-11 11 14-en-US-side2.png Mozilla Community-11 11 14-en-US-side1.png

How often will regional tiles be updated/refreshed?

Tiles can be switched every week

If you’re in a region but have EN version of the browser, can you get the regional content version?

If you are in a region with multiple locals we will run the tile you provide in the area for which it is written in.

Can I submit the same community tile in different languages?

You are able to submit your tile in multiple languages for a community. If you only submit one tile for a multi-lingual community, we will use the generic tile for the rest of the languages.

Is there any flexibility in the first launch country list?

No, we might remove countries but we are not adding any. this is based on the languages we have translated.

Will we have the ability to have different content running at the same time, like Snippets?

No - not in the near future. 1 tile per local per day

Are there different versions of Tiles to different users (e.g., Nightly, Beta, Aurora)?

Possible but not yet.

What about countries that have multiple languages? will there be multiple versions of community tiles served?

Yes, see #2.

For communities that don’t have design resources, will the CS team be able to provide that? or will they need to use the thumbnail visual option?

Unfortunately, not at this time. After signing up to be a Community Content Creators, we recommend you ask for help in the forum.

The Team

IRC: #mozcontent

Community Liaisons: Sean Bohan & Lara Fischer-Zerniin Community Building Partner - Jennie Rose Halperin