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Reporter User:Hatemhatem
Date March 2012
Recruits 44
Past Items Mozilla Palestine encourages technology innovation, that's why we're organizing « Start with Mozilla, » an event which aims to support local talents and to boost innovation in the technology field in Palestine. We also wish to gather the professionals, designers, CEOs, teachers and students around the same project.

The blueprint of « Start with Mozilla » will be :

- Learn from past experience - Point out the current obstacles and pending problems and their evolution - Discuss Mozilla ambassadors in palestinian universities and schools (in the future) - Give participants a chance to exchange ideas (present and future planning) - Explain how Mozilla Palestine works (in the past, present and future) - Introduce participants to Web technologies (current and future)

Pictures for the Start With Mozilla in Palestine http://www.flickr.com/groups/1868847@N24/


Next Items Moz Coffee organizing this event in Palestine every two weeks beginning with the month of March
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