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URLs in external links

External links can start with "http://" or "ftp://"; "file://" does not work.

In external links, all symbols of the URL must be among: A-Z a-z 0-9 ._\/~%-+&#?!=()@. If a URL contains a different character it should be converted; for example, ^ has to be written %5e, the hexadecimal ASCII value with a percent sign in front. A blank space can also be converted into an underscore.


 "   #   $   %   &   '   *   ,   :   ;   <   >   [   ^   `   {   |   }
%22 %23 %24 %25 %26 %27 %2a %2c %3a %3b %3c %3e %5b %5e %60 %7b %7c %7d

For the other characters either the code or the character can be used in internal and external links, they are equivalent. The system does a conversion when needed. E.g.


is rendered as À_propos_de_Méta, almost like ? propos de M?ta, which leads to this page on Meta with in the address bar the URL

URLs of pages within the projects

See en:Wikipedia:URLs; everything works the same, except that the domain names vary:

  • with xx the language code, see The provisional portal of Wikipedia

In projects outside Wikimedia the "w/" in URLs like is sometimes not used, sometimes different, e.g.:

The default is /wiki/wiki.phtml, with in DefaultSetting.php [1]:

$wgScriptPath = "/wiki";
$wgScript     = "{$wgScriptPath}/wiki.phtml";

There may be other variations, compare:

Old versions of pages

All old versions of all pages are numbered (with oldid) approximately in the order of becoming an old version, i.e. in chronological order of the next edit of the same page.

New pages

New pages are numbered (with curid) chronologically.

See also Multiple titles.




In some cases of caching problems, to update a page it can help to use "action=purge", in a URL like

See also

MediaWiki User's Guide: Namespaces, Make non-ugly URLs, Rewrite rules.

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