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User contributions are lists of edits that a particular user has done.

Listing the edits of a particular user

  • if it is a user with a user page: bring up the user page, click "User contributions" in the sidebar or bottom bar.
  • if it is a user with a login name but without a user page: clicking on the name in Recent Changes or Page History brings up an edit box for a user page; press Cancel and click "User contributions" in the sidebar or bottom bar.
  • if it is a user without a login name, two methods are:
    • click on the IP address in Recent Changes or Page History
    • put the IP address in the search box and press Go


Also, you can copy the URL:


(for this wiki) (your user name)



where XX is the user name or IP address.

If you make a link you can also use the shorter form Special:Contributions/XX.

In both cases the local version of "Special" must be used.

With interwiki link e.g. en:Special:Contributions/XX.

Composition of the lines

The edits are shown from new to old. There is one line per edit, showing time, date, an M if the edit was marked "minor", the page name, and the edit summary (but not a marking for "new").

An edit is marked "(top)" if, at the time of producing the list, there are no more recent edits by anybody to the article concerned. Sysops also have a rollback link on these lines, see MediaWiki User's Guide: Reverting a page to an earlier version.

Due to this last item, applying "User contributions" to oneself is not only useful for refreshing one's memory and easily accessing pages one has been working on again, but also for finding out whether there have been any subsequent edits. Thus "watching" a recently edited article can be done by looking on one's user contributions list for edits without "(top)" or "(rollback)", which have not been followed by subsequent edits by oneself.

Also shown

  • the creation of a new page

Not shown

Not shown are:

  • edits of a page that has been deleted afterwards (unless it has been restored)
  • the deletion or restoration (undeletion) of a page (if the user is a sysop)


Check the privacy policy, if any, of the site you use; for Wikimedia: draft privacy policy

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