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  • Eliminate dedicated downloads window
  • Omnipresent downloads status bar
  • Media play capabilities from download window, people just want to listen to a track they just downloaded
  • WMV plugin detection (Mac) doesn't work, requires manual install
  • Don't ask every time, just do the default action for the common file types.
  • Since we have tear-off tabs, you can get the old-style download window too
  • Current download indicator disappears when download is done (WTF ;)
  • Let the OS handle the MIME types, or clone what it currently does (while blacklisting certain things like EXEs)
  • If you ask questions all the time, people stop paying attention
  • rive-by downloads (show dialog if drive-by)
  • “Open With” (Save As?) is how you get to adjust location/options
  • Cursor will show file type (and protocol in the case of mailto: etc) to counter "the land mines of the internet (PDF, mailto, iTunes store links)
  • At the end of the download progress bar, “what happens next?” is shown
  • Make the download manager behave like a file system window (copy/move works, rename), show where it's located.
  • If file is deleted, remove it from download log
  • Downloads should be in history! Give option to just show files in history
  • BitTorrent support
  • Content-MD5 support
  • No warning when download in progress and you quit the browser
  • Support Content-MD5 for downloads

Feedback from presentation:

  • Detect duplicates, tell you that you already have this file (MD5 can supercharge this)
  • Why do we have a download manager? Can't it just be history with a Downloads/Files filter?
  • Open doc/PDF inline, but give option to save to disk — people generally just want to read stuff, not put junk in their download folder