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Add (Pause|Resume)AllDownloads to DownloadManager interface (bug 399908)

Show total download speed in download manager (bug 496758)

-- eyaler 2009-09-23

Downloads should just be a Places view of URLs you've saved locally

Once active downloads have completed, there's no reason to have a Downloads window. It just gets cluttered and doesn't show you what you need.

You can save any URL locally. That should be another column in Places, and saving something locally should create an entry in Places orthogonal to history and bookmarking. So just have a Places view organized by the locations to which you've saved, and that's your Download history.

Then Places can start to do useful things like check to see if the thing you downloaded has been updated.

More ideas at User:Skierpage/Places as a next-gen file manager -- Skierpage 12:26, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

That's what this comment talks about, I apologize for the brevity, these are still just notes:

"Why do we have a download manager? Can't it just be history with a Downloads/Files filter?"

So I agree. :)

Thanks for the link, I'll give it a look.

— Alexander Limi, Firefox UX team