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This is Official Mozilla Delhi Open Community Wiki.

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About The Community

Mozilla Delhi Open Community is a flatly structured community and focuses majorly on bringing new contributors to the Mozilla scene. We're very active on our Telegram Group. Feel free to join the group and introduce yourself.

All the decisions taken for this community, no matter big (like organizing events) or small is done by the community itself with the help of voting process and Telegram bots. So if you feel like there is something you can improve around here, feel free to pitch the idea to the group.

Would Like To Volunteer?

Simple join the Telegram Group and introduce yourself. Yeah, it's easy-peasy!

If you interact with us, attend our sessions and contribute to Mozilla after getting inspired, make sure you mention your contributions to the group. We'll showcase your contributions on our next online webinar and also add it here on the Official Wiki.

Recognising Contributions

A community is possible only by the contributions of its volunteers. Here we salute folks who have contributed to Mozilla either by a small patch of code or organizing events. Checkout Contributions.

Online Webinars and Events

We try to organize weekly Online Webinar on Mozilla and FOSS technologies and help out folks contribute to it. Our webinars are held on Jitsi and we live stream the entire session on our YouTube channel. You can find old webinars also at the same place.

Checkout our complete Online Webinar list.

Offline Events and Collaborations

We're open to ideas for our next offline event or collaboration. Pitch the same to the group if you have something interesting in mind. We'll try to help out in whatever way possible.

Checkout our complete list of Offline Events and Collaboration.

Join In

Telegram Group - Primary Communication Group

Meetup Page