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Several communication channels are used in the Instantbird project. (Instantbird-team: Please add all channels here, so that we can point users here who want to get involved with the project.)

How to subscribe

Newsgroups are accessible through a newsgroup client (Thunderbird handles newsgroups). And all newsgroups are also available as google groups or as a mailing list. Forums list shows them all, and gives the relevant information to connect!

If you're a user



  • Official support newsgroup for Instantbird., this can be reached as or over email.
    • Anybody can send messages to this address.
    • Anybody can read the messages received, by subscribing.
    • Anybody can reply.
    • Messages from users not subscribed to the mailing list will need to await moderation.


  • Twitter You might want to follow these people: clokep, fqueze, nhnt11


If you're interested in the project

You can contribute

  • A low-volume, mailing-list that's devoted to Instantbird/Chat development.

Mozilla and Thunderbird projects blogs

If you want to know more about the product currently under development

  • Mozilla Wiki This includes various general information about the Instantbird project.
  • You might want to read the Instantbird/StatusMeetings, they give weekly status reports about how various projects are moving.

If you're a tester / want to help

Reply guidelines

  • Should I reply?
    • If you know the answer, please go ahead and reply.
    • If you don't know and are sure nobody will know, reply too.
    • If you don't know or are unsure, reply anyway if the message has been sitting there for a while without receiving any reply. Receiving a reply with a partial answer or an explanation of why it's difficult/impossible to get a full answer is better than no reply at all.
  • While replying:
    • try to greet the person with his/her first name (if present in the first message of course). Ex: Hi/Hello/Hey Mark,
    • try to always finish with "Thanks/Thank you for <reason>". The person made some effort to contact us, so there's usually something the person can be thanked for. Ex: Thanks for trying Instantbird / Thanks for the (positive) feedback / ...
    • be nice and polite, even when the message looks like the person is trying to start a troll. In that specific case, try to reply only to the useful statements and to ignore the nonsense.

If you're a developer

  • Bugzilla is where all the stuff happens. If you're interested in some feature or some development, don't hesitate to CC yourself to the bug if you're interested, and please do check out this hilarious video tutorial about how Bugzilla works, it's really worth it.
  • (Defunct) instantbird-bugs AT googlegroups DOT com: Notified about all the bug changes in our bugzilla tracker. (Note that this can be a relatively high volume of mail as every bug change is reflected in this mailing list.)
    • Anybody can read the messages received, by subscribing to
    • Nobody can reply.