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Welcome to the Thunderbird project community page. Below you will find links to commonly requested information.

To get help or ask question please visit Thunderbird Support (SUMO).
To learn more, to discuss, to get involved, to help promote Thunderbird, to say "Thanks" see Get Involved.
To make a product suggestion or report a bug please use bugzilla.


Thunderbird is alive and well in 2018! Yes, 2018. Please help us keep it that way!

  • The community has continuously shipped releases with bug fixes and enhancements for several years.
  • The community holds regular meetings to discuss important matters of common interest, open to all.
  • The Thunderbird Council is the governing body for the Thunderbird project, and coordinates legal and fiscal matters on behalf of the community.

General information


How YOU can help and get involved ... Thunderbird is self-supported by its user community. We need and welcome you. Please give back to the community.

To get more information or talk to a human, or just to introduce yourself, see Thunderbird Communication Channels, especially the IRC channel. Again, we need users like you to help in one of the above areas. Please inquire today.


Latest release

Upcoming releases

Thunderbird does not have a solid schedule of dates, that version X will happen on mm/dd/yyyy. We track but does not strictly follow** the ESR release schedule of Firefox. See the ESR column of RapidRelease/Calendar.

  • We typically release 1-3 weeks after Firefox, but it is can be more or it can be less because we ship when code is ready and tested, not on a specific date certain. In other words dates cannot be predicted and you should take any dates you see with a grain of salt. If you do not see the "newest" version at the Thunderbird home page, do not worry, it is just not yet ready. Regarding specific features and fixes, these happen as volunteers have time to work on them and fix them. There are no schedules that can be communicated to users. If you want new features sooner than normal, please help us test and code, or use the beta mentioned above.
  • Release Driving - How releases move towards completion

Past releases


Related and Older links

These links are outdated or from past management teams, and do not reflect current plans and priorities.