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  • To host an event, come to events portal, and file a request (with details of place, contact email, phone, etc.)
  • See a success message requesting not to file the same again
  • This will automatically get filed on bugzilla.mko, CC'ed to community-kerala@l.m.o; and to the person who filed the bug.


  • Whiteboard shall be "unconfirmed" or "new" when filed, with white board having "waiting for mozillian"
  • When a mozillian takes over, by replying in the mailing list/bug, they self-assign it and remove "waiting for mozillian" from whiteboard
  • When a second mozillian takes over, they shall needinfo the admin
  • Admin changes status to confirmed if there are 2 organizers


  • The Mozillians who took up responsibility shall do their shit


  • When event dates, venue are finalized, send an email to community-kerala, before the event and optionally start a discourse thread


  • Minimum one blog post for a 2 day event
  • Pictures, Videos, etc if possible