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We met specifically to discuss the Claire user story (Web Developer) in the wiki page.

  • We discussed the following requirements that fall under this use case...
    • The Mozilla web platform will include core features for developing games, social, productivity, and media apps - bug 746388
    • Developers will have comprehensive resources to enable "idea to basic app in 5 mins" - bug 746390
  • We did not discuss...
    • Mozilla will provide effective distribution, discovery and monetization options for developers - bug 746391
    • The performance and responsiveness piece probably falls under here as well.
  • We did a walk-through of our process for tracking and adding whiteboard flags.
    • We took an example - bug 673922 added the right flags and linked it as a dependency to the requirements.
    • Per Martin's suggestion, we are going to use labels for the top level bugs to be more descriptive ie: webapi gecko-gaming.
    • We went through all the items under "core features for web platform" and assigned a person who will assemble known bugs, tag them and link them back to the use cases.
      • (Dave Mason) P1: Offline capabilities (improve appcache support/semantics, implement IndexedDB improvements, platform support for default offline behavior)
      • (Maire) - P1: Camera API (still image capture)
      • (Maire) - P2: Full WebRTC (realtime media streaming)
      • (Lawrence) - P1: Layout compatibility - webkit (bug 747123)
      • (Maire) - P1: H.264/AAC & mp3
      • (Martin) - P1: Orientation Lock (bug 673922)
      • (Sheila) - P1: One app crashing doesn't take other apps down with it.
      • (Dave Mason) - P1: Finish multi-touch
      • (Martin) - P1: Hardware accelerated canvas
      • (Dave Mason) - P2: Background Apps/Tasks
      • (Dave Mason) - P2: Notifications (Service and Client implementations)
      • (Martin) - P2: WebGL changes/improvements
      • (Martin) - P2: Mouselock
  • Martin is going to look at any additional games related items we need. Added HW accelerated canvas to the list.
  • Discussed requirement for "one app crashing doesn't take other apps down with it"
    • Don't really have a plan for this.
    • Might be out of scope for k9o
    • Sheila to talk to clee about requirement rational - coming from b2g.
  • Docs requirement
    • Script debugger the big item for dev tools
    • App data inspector - need to talk to Kevin D. Could log as an item for fx16?
    • Docs - going to log a high level bug to keep track of these. Daniel managing items in a google spreadsheet.

Next Actions

  • Sheila: Get the post out to dev.planning about process (DONE)
  • Lawrence: Add bugs links in the product page to all high level requirements and use cases (DONE)
  • Per the assignments above, start adding top level bugs or existing bugs with the tags.
  • Sheila: Talk to B2G team about "one app crashing" requirement
  • Sheila: Get Chris Lee and Asa to look at bugs we have logged so far.
  • Daniel: Log top level bugs for documentation