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Bugs to resolve:


  • Links to static pages need to be going through url lookup for hosting on /stage etc. - DONE
  • diff between first signoff on new AppVersion and last signoff on previous AppVersion
  • diff option is bad when reviewing a new signoff against the last accepted one, it's the other way around
  • can't revoke an older sign-off, had to do a shell-wise
>>> a=Action.objects.create(signoff=so, flag=2, author=me)
  • pending signoffs are broken. There's no Action, thus they don't show up in the complex query. The query seems awkward, too, as it returns as many items as signoffs for the appversion, that doesn't scale too good. (import only?)
  • on the sign-off dashboard, non-shipped signoff show up as pending?
  • navigating from /milestones to the dashboard for the milestone breaks the links from the dashboard to the pushes page


  • Improve the table scroll performance by making it scroll 10 per each press (the current performance is great in webkit, terrible in gecko)
  • Add search
  • Add per-locale dashboard

l10n stats

  • compare-locales errors are missing in json
  • tree history not reporting all locales
    • all-locales mapping for tree?


  • fix sendchange, probably
  • fix default properties