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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel

Proposed agenda

  • Buffet - progress and specific action plans
  • Triaging bug list for new locales
  • Content handling/Micro-Formats
  • Gregorian update
  • AMO and language packs - john's feedback
  • QA news


SethB, Mic, Axel, TimR, WilC (Pascal at conference; Choffman on vacation)


We proposed to Mozilla Corporation, a community giving program i.e., making resources available to teams who want to host domains. This proposal was approved, yay!. The Mongolian team were fist to receive funds. Seth and Pascal contacted them through IRC. We will be using them as a test case in order to formalize who, how, when, why we can support localizers to help them build community and take away their organizational challenges (as it's been a big burden to localizers). This particular project has become a funding description that we'll include in the overall Localizer Buffet, and works out to be about 300€ (Euro's).

Georgian/New Build&Release validation process

There was an issue with Gregorian recently where Axel had to halt the Localizer's CVS write access as he'd mistakenly overwritten the entire build. Here's what happened and the resulting change to our build and release process.

We have been triaging an old bug list of requests for new languages/localizations, as a result it triggered one of our Localizers to get into changes to Calendar, creating traffic to specific bugs including Gregorian localizer who branched what he had without review and (accidentally) unbranched his complete localization so every tinder box went red (he had unbranched, modified and rebranched a different version without authorization and so we disabled his account until we new what he was trying to do). We then rebranched his localization but not with original. We've had problems in the past that we were trying to avoid. We were also confident the localizer didn't break any other localizations.

As a result of this error we've now created a way for us to track build&release validation, see bug384656. We also are investigating tracking if its possible to ratchet down some CVS privileges to avoid things like this in the future, see bug384659.

Content handling

micro-formats has same l10n impacts - same as content handling http://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox3/ContentManagement:Handlers


Clint is close to completing an automated tool for testing Localizer builds against specificications through a tool called "minotaur". He's built this tool against requirements for our partner builds and then L10n builds. It is running and we expect it be finalized by the end of this month/early July. It should greatly improve our testing process for Localizations.

AMO hosted language packs

Language packs (the stage before "official" and one we expect many more localizations to start in due to the triaging of the bug list) are hosted in a category called "language support and translation". This isn't a great solution for users as it requires them to navigate through many english-only pages to find the native language they are looking for. We could use all.html page as an alternative or something like that which is simple and easy for users to find ACTION: Mic to talk with PKim about this idea and get his input

There could be an issue regarding hosting poorly maintained localizations on all.html page as users typically expect complete (fully tested) builds to be hosted there and these language packages may not all be at the same level of completely thereby creating a mixed or inconsistent user experience.

works: can put language packs on AMO, security updates don't work on this (bug assigned to Benjamin) do localizers know how to update lanugage packs budnling is a better user experience but it's more expensive on resources (partner build people) project: can have it reviewed well in AMO/sandbox sandbox is for new add-ons or language packs, gets reviewed and provide feedback and then nominated for public if realize that should be reasonable language packs difficult; hard time to encourge people to review stuff in Sandbox; might need guildelines or rules to move things to public side earlier queston: how know quality of lead translators; part of point is to have community around that person to have a review (not like modules where have module lead already established in community) - effectieve way to advertise them withou conflicting with current ones have to balance benefit/risk benefit - expose lcoalization work early; short technical review of it and publish it put different use cases in different boxes use case of release early and often - alpha testers people that have small community and stable localization -