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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel

Proposed Agenda

  • Community Development
  • AMO/Language packs - progress update
  • QA update
  • All-Hands agenda
  • Other


WilC, Axel, Pascal, Mic

Community development

India update

  • had a call with Indian team (represented by Mahiti, and Ankit the Gujarati localizer), some representation from Red Hat, Seth, Choffman and Axel
  • Mahiti is a private company focused on web applications and localization. They do PHP and Drupal and Klone, etc. Majority of clients are NGOs for which they develop websites. Not as ready to contribute to localization as we first expected; acting as more of a connector or facilitator than actually doing the work
  • Red Had team ready to contribute to localization
  • Traction for Hindi and __; Tanio (Mahiti may be able to help here)
  • Newsgroup for India, set up an IRC channel called #Mozilla-IN
  • two action items, poke whether Red Hat or Mahiti office will participate in Mozilla 24 event

Europe update

  • now have basic statistics about Mozilla downloads, starting to sort by language. Noticed get more Spanish downloads than had in the past, now no 2 language in Moz-Europe (1 year ago was no. 5)
  • started to look at Mozilla Europe site; all old in-product pages to get status across various languages; starting of analysis, expect to have report in next few weeks
  • get lots of usage in Swedish, which we don't have much support for
  • get lots of Chinese usage from Mozilla-Europe; shows that some Chinese users are not updating their profile
  • People visiting English, change url to put UK or GB, so will need to indicate more clearly that it is en-GB vs en-US
  • two languages where people writing us where don't have support; Brazilian and Swedish; Pascal working to address requests (Brazilian ends up in Europe because of world email address and because of Portuguese site)

Galecian team

  • Galecian - Ricardo saying that organization is serious about committing to localization; 3 people indicating this; ACTION: Axel to follow up with team

AMO/Language Packs

  • Language packs don't do extension updates; have a different update RAF format; requires that we do large process to get them updated; owe Morgamic a few bug comments reflecting what should happen to make that work; set up of feeds for language packs to pull from mozilla.com;
    • 390655 - Identify current language packs and mark them
    • 390657 - Identify new language packs and mark them
    • 390658 - Add an RSS feed to retrieve current language packs
    • 390660 - Tracker bug for the above
  • Not sure we've voiced publicly the idea of putting descriptions pages on AMO - ACTION: need to do this; still need to decide if hooked into mozilla.com
  • ACTION: meeting at All Hands to finalize the implementation of the decision
  • DECISION: navigation path for Language packs on mozilla.com all.html pages and hosted on AMO
  • ACTION: mic/madhava to draw up some mock ups for build side of language packs; when we want to offer installing both language switcher and language pack we can do that in single button (code that does that can install two extensions at once)


  • Minotaur tool update; wanting to ensure it produces useful results like when localizer gets feedback understand results; other aspect is to review the 50+ locales we have so do we get that directly out of minotaur or do we do that directly in build process (there is an l10n verification step that we could capitalize on)
  • ACTION: meeting at all hands

All Hands

  • Minotaur tool meeting/Build process; Axel, Clint, TimR, RobC, Nick, Mic
  • What tests we want to create to de-beta a locale; Tim, Axel, Tony, Mic
  • AMO/lang pack improvements; Wil, Axel, Morgamic, PKim, Madhava, Mic
  • Prep for launch of Firefox3; Axel, Mic, Choffman, TimR, Pascal reachable remote


  • 1.5 to 2.6 - Thunderbird major upgrade; won't have for all languages as some of them are on holiday so may be some English elements; this is a server side update