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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel

Proposed Agenda

  • QA
  • Fx3 prep
  • all.html for amo/lang packs
  • community dev
  • Other


TimR, Choffman, WilC, Pascal, Axel, Mic, (Seth away this week)

All.html amo/lang packs

  • Slater, he is readying to prepare mock-ups for end of htis week/early next week; both mock ups for all.html page and link to download/installation description will be hosted on AMO
  • these are the languages we could be doing:
    • Furlan
    • Estonian - Eesti keele pakk
    • Persian (in the tree, not doing a langpack?)
    • Romanian (although there's now a beta available so I don't think we should list it here; conclusion won't list as language pack)
    • Tatar - Tatarça Tíl Paketí (İQTElif)
    • Ukrainian (this one was almost in Beta; conclusion won't list as language pack)
    • Valencian - Toniher has issues with translation, Axel suggesting doing a review ACTION: Axel ping Tony to do a review
    • Welsh
  • Final round of review of status of where we are; review on process pages (Gerv wanted to do language review); ACTION: settled on message, short review on L10n-drivers, principle idea invite them to update and collaborate (merging of bugs), give people idea of benefits and draw backs of language packs, they have a choice to do this and invite to contribute to source localization; create time line on when we intend to have our language pack story fixed


  • Ball rolling with SmartWare testing of locales; talked with Hamo Monday morning
  • Happy to test T1 locales, closer to Beta 2, give them few weeks notice (same locales as last time)
  • Have additional locales they've found, Swahili and Afrikaans
  • List of range of locales we're interested in; couple of locales in Tier 2 that couldn't do last time as well as some Tier 3 that we could do
  • ACTION: send list to SmartWare and get quote for additional languages
  • Concentrate on 20% that will change vs spending money on languages that are not likely going to change; when to test, which languages to test may be up in the air as we'll only get a high level overview of who might be interested as they may have competing time constraints depending on when Beta 2 is; so we will be in a bit of a wait and see; Tim is hoping for 80% accuracy on list based on these initial efforts; may go on hourly rate vs fixed cost to manage our costs better; focus on fixed cost for that kind of effort (turn documentation over to locales that SmartWare aren't able to cover); so if have new locales like Punjabi, ask them to run standard test cycle; challenge is if we want to do something in middle like tuning a locale (based on diff's) so hard to do fixed price on this; can we generate a list of languages that we've tested for Firefox 2 and compare that against list from Fx 3 so we can come up with incremental list for Fx3; other thing to do fixed price some period of test planning for each locale we want to cover; how do we plan that on locale by locale basis; can we figure out uniform way to publish all test plan documents for Fx2 and then use as basis for Fx3; right now don't have anyone dedicated to L10n but may need half time to full time engineer to plan across all locales, think we should look at it in terms of longer term benefits

ACTION: need another discussion on this, Tim organize a individual calls with Choffman, Axel, Mic and other interested parties and discuss what test plan should/could look like, what contract should look like and then bring back to team next week or the week after

  • Minotaur tool: have xml output seems reasonable for Fx 3, will require manual reviews but better than last year
  • ACTION; Tim verify if search suggest

Fx3 prep

  • Axel has statistics tool that will give status by locale
  • Triaging of old bug list, ok to go ahead but need to re-set on messaging ACTION: Mic to find discussion thread related to that and send back to team for review and for Gerv to start

Community Development

  • starting working on community surveys with Gandalf and Seth (when he's back)
  • submitted proposal for Project Day for Mozilla in India, waiting to hear back if accepted, seems good, still counting Axel, mark Finkle and Tim/Jay or both to be in India for that day; sounds like Mitchell won't make it (replacement for her)