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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


  • AMO update
  • all.html - any revisions
  • QA update
  • Valencian - decision
  • Comm Dev: India trip and Europe update
  • M9/Beta timing for string freeze
  • other - Kurdish rendering issue
  • tools


WilC, MicB, AxelH, SethB, PascalC, TimR, AlixF


  • AMO update
    • no update yet - chatzilla will be discussed tomorrow
  • All.html
    • sort list based on likelihood that someone would download a version; ranked by German, French, popularity in terms of download or active dailies
    • like wikipedia page - languages with more than so and so daily users first, ones with less users, rest in tail
    • java script to highlight user's locale - Web 2.0-ish approach
    • give localizers way to translate the text on download page for language packs
    • in development - in the Web2 sense of always in development
    • what happens if install locale switcher twice, it ignores it -- need to double check this

ACTION: Mic, have conversation with JSlater on points (not blockers)

  • QA update
    • basic functional testing done for M9, web dev with various new projects like Remora update, partner testing, 2008 -- causing angst on things trying to do like tony finding time to update localization smoke test that we want localizers to run
    • future oriented L10n test - ACTION: Tim to drill into this with Axel/Choffman to understand what this means, e.g., is there a light weight way to do this (given having a hard time going beyond basic testing)
  • Valencian
    • broken auto update - problem that fix we have for re-enabling auto updates for language packs, take default value of pref to get the update. as soon as start adding pref to extension as a default pref, it is the default value of pref and tries to update Valencia version of Firefox which it cannot do so it breaks stuff more often
    • need to get this fixed,
    • side note, Catalan is featured at Frankfurt book fair (biggest in Europe); some shaking throughout region due to fact that person in charge of sending authors over decided not to send any Spanish writing authors over

ACTION: Axel write a technical review to this affect so localizer can fix this

  • Community Dev - India
    • Seth met John Lilly - generally in approval of everything, psyched to see reasonable deliverables to come out of conference (help critique and look at)
    • submitted calls for participation by Monday which was then extended as they were less focused on developer contribution and more on user; conference on how developers can get together and hack on projects while there so we're in good shape and happy with ideas
    • cost perspective John ok with everything, exactly why sending as many people as we were e.g., Stuart contribute remotely via video conference; investigate ways to cut costs
    • haven't heard anything more from Ankit about 12 languages being localized; Axel sent good note, keep it going and aim for realistic outcome about what we can do; Ankit wasn't on page about Fx3 being such a moving target so fixed that and by end of month have languages in state to make educated decision to make effort about particular language to get onto F2 or put them all to Fx3
    • mostly focused on India as of late; good track
    • proposals were very developer focused and therefore well received
    • Ankit is dong tutorial sessions at RedHat with folks trying to moderate; get complaints that redhat is hitting max connect irc limit; he is really rocking boat (in a good way); means we need to get our answers prepared
    • should be up on Foss.In site once all approved
  • Community Dev - Europe
    • Mozilla community on bloggers in Europe, get to know each other and our press agencies
    • big organization in Spain; sharing costs for big community event in Madrid (SIMO: 200-300K attendees); help regarding Mexican version and looking for contacts there
    • Madrid event - turnout was about 30-40 people, great press coverage
    • prepping a post to .l10n to invite Spanish communities to review both Spanish localization and to find out where are bugs and differences; point to that from currently open bug/registration requests; end goal is to create community that shares resources that could or should be shared like, support and possibly on code side e.g., could we use tool Seneca students are building for core languages and their variants like Spanish, English, etc.

ACTION: Pascal send information to Choffman for his trip to Mexico in November

  • M9/Beta timing for string freeze
    • team in hot mode to finish code for freeze and aim for it to be a Beta release
    • not sure at what point we talk about L10n yet, not clear
  • other - Kurdish
    • Kurdish localization issues - variety of scripts that are causing issues in way users see start page, has some Latin script included into Arabic as well; Latin script in Kurdish
    • http://chevrel.org/mozco/temp/locales.html
    • need ku-country; possible fix, could add our script to language codes if we provide localization for Google; don't need a country to disambiguate the locale code, some work that needs to be done

ACTION: pascal/Axel - is conflict bad, do we want to fix this, discussion with localizers

  • tools
    • we are in back and forth on proposal format
    • current proposal from Africa, ~25K needed for a year of tools development; Seth asked to put specifics against that; will get review from L10n-drivers before approval
    • French localization team is also trying to find money to build localization tools; need specific proposal evaluated by community giving program
    • mic trying to gather information on
      • what are good tools, types of tools
      • are there current efforts under way
    • Seth, tea it up so has all information, so it's ready for more expertise review (lessen burden on reviewer)

ACTION: axel send over links to tool ideas via email