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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (guest notetaker: clouserw)


Axel, chofmann, Mic, clouserw, SethB


  • Firefox 3 Release / Locale review
    • Any locales at risk?
      • Mic hasn't heard from Danish, Swedish or _______.
      • Slovene doesn't have CVS write access. (action:axel) Will look at bug and figure out what's up.
      • At risk:
        • Arabic
        • Afrikaans (being worked on)
        • Danish (very concerned)
        • Macedonian
        • Norsk
        • Mongolian
        • Armenian
        • Bulgarian
      • We're going to encourage blogging and/or contact to locales. (action:mic) Talk to Henrick & Christian about blogging.
    • Should we start filing shipping bugs? (ie. a bug for each locale that is shipping so we can mark as blocking, etc.)
      • Yep (action:axel) will file bugs
      • We need to find the webservices bugs that Mic filed and make sure they block the right bugs (action:axel)
    • If we could get key people (Friedel and Dwayne) and Schrep together at the conference, decisions could be made on the fly.
      • If anyone has concerns about this, talk to Mic or Seth.
  • Tools
    • Axel has an incomplete view of where we are at, specifically with what proposals exist for what tools
      • (action:mic & seth) executive summary of current proposals
    • Overview:
      • Dwayne and Friedel
        • Have submitted a revised proposal. Answered a lot of our questions. Have gotten their latest proposal yesterday.
      • Gandalf
        • Received yesterday. Seth in discussions with Mic. Have asked what Gandalf needs, no word yet. He would like to license under tri-license.
      • Alexandru
        • Submitted a closed source web translation tool. Seth & Mic to talk with him at 10am today.
      • Ricardo
        • Submitted his PhD project. Haven't discussed with him yet. He left pretty detailed comments on Seth's blog.
      • Danilo & co. (launchpad)
        • Had a recent talk. They'd like help testing their tools for converting to the mozilla file style.
        • Any progress on licensing compatibility here?
          • No. Hopefully can meet up at FOSDEM.
    • These seem entirely focused on FF L10n. Is there any concern over localizing web resources?
      • We should bring this up with each proposal. It hasn't been addressed yet. (action: seth)
    • Will webdev be maintaining this? If so, webdev and/or IT should have input.
      • Webdev will be sent proposals to review. (action: mic & seth)
    • When will these reviews need to be finished?
      • (action: mic & seth) develop timeline for proposals

  • QA
    • none
  • Community Update
    • none