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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: micberman)


axel, wilc, timr, chofmann, (seth sent notes in advance, not on call), tchung, mic


community development

  • Dwayne emailed Seth over the weekend, asking for $xx,000; ACTION: mic/seth will discuss when/how we put this in front of the Steering committee.
  • FF summit ideas: tools presentation that includes AMO or vice versa Action: Mic/Seth/Wil get on call and present back to l10n-drivers

Fx3 final leg(s)

  • rc1
    • Axel created sub content fom pref window screen shots, published first results today, can't open all dialogs yet, but decent start
    • opt-in is slow, at 30 languages, supposed to end tmo, getting testing answers that vary from "dog food" to runs on one platform, Axel is keeping track in spreadsheet shared with tchung and l10n-drivers
    • overall looking ok, not great yet, getting closer
    • hungarian, jap, mn, ge, pt-pt - close but still failing - all with 49 strings, didn't catch up. japanese knows and will reach out to others after meeting
    • drivers in bug hell - positive thing is start seeing source verification shows effect, people doing unapproved check-ins, back this out
    • productization ran into missing wikipedia only recently (bug 380785
    • mailto and webcal late l10n, will come up for 3.0.1 for later. Axel believes we may not be doing the right thing, Action: Axel send email to beltzner, mfinkle, dotske, kev, copy dmose, shaver, mic, after thursday to discuss. Alternative is for server side change on part of provider vs our side change and bug filing etc
  • in-product
    • Pascal has dashboard http://pascalc.eu/dashboard/
    • bug on secrutiy update (bug 426673, best efforts
    • first run page, locales half done
    • "getting started page", most time consuming, starting today
    • deadline is 4 days before RC1, calendar shared with l10n-drivers
    • other pages less important and less text, not too worried about them, trend in mktg delaying fx release they think means they can add more web content; all other pages will be best efforts won't block like firefox day page, phishing page, etc., we may need a stronger message about pages, adding content now sounds like bad recipe especially things like 24 hour page first run, lot of work for l10n right now because of timing, (phishing page better cause long term); Action: Pascal contact pkim to explain
    • it might be some languages keen to participate in that like tier 3 but not tier 1; list of target doens't match locales that wil likely want it; list of languages who are keen for marketing page might be a good idea
  • qa
    • peopel reporting, one bit pushback from tr
    • tchung - seeing litmus results, noticed some of them don't have all 3 platforms, compilation of list, which platforms aren't tested yet, see results all over place, help broken only handful noted test cases exist when shouldn't pass. will do tier 1. help on tier 2 or 3. if get 2 out of 3 platforms should be ok. Action: Axel share excel results page and list of untested platforms


Round table

  • check in w seth and asa on summit, get them to check back in with us about what you're proposing
  • 3 streams of participants we'd like:
    • ppl working across locales, like pl, lt, cedirc, filip, etc.
    • collaborating across functions - hard time to meet at any other location
    • locale leads as they can afford to come timing, visa, etc.
  • Action: mic send a note to lilly cc chofmann about this idea for budgeting purposes, say we're working towards coming up with 3 or 4 different lists based partially on tiered approach e.g.,
    • 8-10 ppl (work across locales) beginning of next week
    • 42 ppl
    • 60 ppl
  • and, we'll provide more information about rationale for each of groups for budgeting pruposes but these are different levels that make ssense to us right now, Action: axel will work on names by next meeting
  • note, we need to warn folks very early to be sure passports, visas etc make it in time