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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: Mic)


Wil, Mic, Axel, TimR, Pascal


  • State of the Onion - Axel
    • looking at what is coming up in ecosystem these days
    • working in parallel on 4 releases: Moz2 (L20n mostly on Axel and Adrien), Fx3.0.x (growing locales on what we have today), Fx3.1 (come up soon, new things on product side like microformats, localize search - so lots o work here), ThunderBird
    • generally we need to get more resolution focused, identifying issues, track in bugs, working towards resolution tracking and being sure bug gets resolved
    • see us going into more releases vs less
    • Tim make sure every component going into a release to do a design discussion about these kind of impacts
    • ACTION: beltzner post mortem how satisfied PRD thing worked for Fx3 in general; fill out the l10n impact, Mic to talk with Beltzner to start this off, Axel to help John and Armend to improve our Build infrastructure for 3.0.1 and to then be able to re-use that for 3.1. Axel to work with Adrien on Moz2.
  • Comm Dev
    • Community pack project - Mic/Gandalf -
    • current draft of a potential community oriented [site]

Community pack objectives: Our main objective is to improve our community resources overall by (a) attracting more resources - making it easier for people new to Mozilla to start (b) enabling existing communities to expand and in different areas like testing, translation, marketing, etc. (c) creating more efficiencies in our ecosystem by creating this site for people to react to and provide feedback on others? generally we'd like to avoid falling into the trap of bounding ourselves to this first project and the set of projects we have. We want to think of what a user who never meet with Mozilla project may think, what they are looking for, what project we should offer them, maybe there are more "missing" elements beside those listed.

Approach (1) Validate our first model (http://labs.braniecki.net/mozilla/como/front/) by identifying key stakeholder inside and outside Mozilla to give us input and feedback (expect this will take a few weeks - to June) (2) Discussions with stakeholders to: (more weeks, June to July)

    • Gather a set of requirements for each section
    • Prioritize each section of the site (p1 - must have with launch, p2 - nice to have, p3 - build out over time)
    • Identify any missing sections and/or feedback on how the site is organized (right categories and sub-categories, anything missing identified)

(3) Build out each section based on those requirements (more weeks July to September)

  • some sections may be very light and simply have a descriptor and then link to other existing Mozilla sites or some may be a new build out of many pages to follow

(4) Launch the new site in the Fall (too agressive on timeline? or ok, I was trying to do this within the time Gandalf is working with Mozilla)

Stakeholders by Section (I tried to list a main contact to start who might introduce us to whomever else they think should be included - I feel like I'm missing leads from the localizers who should also be involved, you may have ideas there for specific people) Contribute (?):

  • Access - Aaron Leventhal
  • QA - Tim Riley
  • Bug Hunting - Gerv? also years ago Eli Goldberg wrote a set of guidelines that never landed in the bugzila docs. We may use them
  • Documentation - Deb, Sheppy ?

Evangelism (Shaver):

  • Web standards - Sheppy ?
  • Marketing - Pkim, Alix
  • Support - David Tenser ?
  • Ideas - Asa, Headrush guys?

Local Communities (l10n drivers - Mic?):

  • Localization - Mic, Pike
  • Community Building - Gandalf, Pascal, Stas
  • Enjoy (could be Beltzner or Marketing?)
  • Local Support (David Tenser, Axel, Gandalf)

Develop (Beltzner?)

  • Coding (Schrep?)
  • Extensions (Wil Clouser)
  • Themes (someone from Beltzner's team)
  • Others (lab folks?)

  • Fx3 release
    • in product pages, close out bugs, get all Tiers resolved
    • think we're ok to deploy QA resources effectively for in-product pages and end use pages (Garrity working on this, Pascal should have screen shots taken by tmo, Bug is still open).
    • Sumo still missing
    • ka: find anyone in community to locale Gia, testing on his build (3 platforms) Action: Mic/Axel touch base on Friday
  • Summit
    • Agenda for AMO proposed - working on L10n web list on ideas to improve AMO and L10n and ask for input (writing descriptor on Verbatim), Action: Wil share a sneak preview
    • Mic to send out post to Google Groups (worked on with Asa)
    • Mic send an email L10n-drivers scraping proposed sessions from Axel and Wil and ask for additional ideas