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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel
  • (notetaker: stas )


Pike, gandalf, pascalc, juanb, stas, wil, sethb

Meeting Notes

Firefox / Fennec updates

  • shipping tomorrow (Thursday)
  • outreach
    • Mongolian volunteers listed, Pike to email
    • gandalf did a comparison chart for es-BO/es-ES, some Bolivian artifacts
    • Maithili in Pike's review queue
    • bugsy/file-bugs landed yesterday, Pike can start filing "new localization" bugs
      • Asturian (ast)
      • Breton (br-FR)
    • Seth's update
      • Urdu
      • Northern Sotho (langpack up to date)
      • Sorani (Arabic Kurdish script), sethb passed it to gandalf for a review. The code was based on 1.9.1, the localizer is working on updating it to 1.9.2 now
      • Mapudungun: Paraguayan lead, Eduardo. Sethb emailed the link to Create a New Localization
      • No news from Edmund (Malawi)
      • Regnard (Tagalog) works with Gen

Web L10n

  • Mozilla Europe - pages done for all locales
    • working on release notes now
    • working on press release
  • pascalc working on google snippets now, should be ready tomorrow
  • pushed a couple of mobile pages (6-7 locales)


  • Dwayne emailed Wil about some dict addons that weren't listed on the dictionaries page. They are now.


  • Czech p12n update to RSS readers, fixed


  • 0 P1 bugs for the shipping app!
  • Pike filed bugs with IT to move the dashboard to a public staging server, might happen as early as this week


  • juanb would like to work on updating the l10n test suite based on his work for es-MX
  • wil: mozilla.com selenium tests are automated now, running every 6 hours. this was done yesterday


  • no updates


  • Twitter growth
  • Travels
  • Havard to be replaced by Ronny