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Meeting Notes


  • Re-decorating my office door with post-its for l20n whitepaper
  • Talking points:
    • MOZ_LANGPACK_CREATOR, did we figure that out?
      • MOZ_LANGPACK_CREATOR, used to fill in data in install.rdf and give and author for the language pack
      • It's the title about who creates the language pack
      • About 1/3 of the localizations have changed it
      • Is it a legal decision?
    • Upcoming releases are Lorentz, Fennec 1.1
    • How to interact with the delivery call?


  • vacation


  • big whiny post about L10n. On the other hand, done with syncing php and python. I emailed localizers, code freeze is the 16th, launch a week later.


  • L20n work - builds, tests, performance
  • L10n jetpack work - shaping up for 0.3 now, experimenting with Axel's "common pool" concept
  • working this week at later hours, due to personal issues


  • We are having alphas for 3.7 every two weeks
  • Update team about "U-Test" or is it "YouTest"?


  • Set up Jeremy Hiatt interview
  • Traveling to South by Southwest this weekend to speak on Sunday about Mozilla l10n
  • Light quarterly goal planning
  • Open To Choice "Phase 3" -- No real updates from marketing
  • Working with Pascal on "Mapping the L10n community"


  • contacted all locale leaders to ask them to describe their web l10n team
  • proposed a patch to product-details library to manage file size format with comas vs dots
  • Created a mailing-list on mozilla-europe mailing list system for the Swedish community (both l10n and other areas)

Talking Points:

  • Has emailed many emails to different localization teams to find out who is doing what?
    • How do we consolidate the information?