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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel
  • (notetaker: gandalf)
  • (attendees: sethb)

Meeting Notes

  • Seth and Pike discussed having a project tracking page on dashboard or on the wiki.
  • Seth took the table creation for our team goal 1. Pike will gather links
  • Seth suggested putting this as #l10n chan topic
  • Pike asked for Seth's bandwidth, cause he lags with reviews
  • Considering Gaelic and Asturian for pushing to beta
  • Chowse updated wireframes, we have a designer who will start working on the UI proposal. Pike to follow up with him
  • Nokia wants to localize Fennec, but they want to do this in XLIFF. Silme should be able to do DTD<-->XLIFF after some cleanups
  • Pike warns that DTD->XLIFF may be a bargain.
  • Pascal notes that Philippe's tool works with DTD and XLIFF as well
  • House cleaning on #l20n irc channel, Stas was hoping to rename L20n to L10n:L20n on the wiki. Pike doesn't want it cause it'll look funny. Stas burst into tears.


  • Sync reviews/approvals. Sadly that doesn't work like usual, the restructuring leads to reviews from scratch. Loads of Weave left in Sync.
  • Still struggling with the l10n scheduler rewrite, added tests, test environment, self review. I wish l10n builds were simpler.
  • Blog post on lorentz l10n, http://blog.mozilla.com/axel/2010/06/24/localizing-lorentz/
  • L20n file format discussion, quite a few resolutions achieved


  • todo app hacking:
    • projects can have child projects and child tasks
    • working on prototypes now

Talking point:

  • l20n wiki/irc housecleaning



  • Moving more of the Firefox XUL UI to L20n
  • Fixing Verbatim's SUMO support
  • Installing Transifex/Foxcore/Foxlotte locally
  • Reviewing foxcore/foxlotte codebase (Tx modules for Jetpack)


  • L10n Jetpack API project - finalizing contract
  • L10n I/A, further work with Chowse to create template pages for designer to use as mockups
  • New locale outreach
  • Summit session prep, including session planning and voting on sessions for Summit
  • Testpilot outreach
  • Goal reporting to Directors

Talking points:

  • Status of new locale outreach
  • Axel/Chowse discussion
  • Nokia team wanting to localize Fennec into sv-SE


  • Fx 3.6.6 release on week end
  • Studentreps website launched
  • TB3.1 released
  • Worked on ast and gd in-product pages for debetaing and helped the ast team being set up (ast working fast on that)
  • Major cleanup of mozilla europe repo (new image library, removed and redirected older obsolete pages, moved high res images to static.mozilla.com, removed lots of old images...)
  • Removed quake messaging on es-* pages
  • July community engagement google snippets for Finnish, Estonian and Albanian ready (with Delphine)
  • restarted work on plugincheck pages (with Ryan)


  • Created Mock-ups and context scenario for translation and translation update views for the new SUMO version Ref
  • Running that by localizes tomorrow in an IRC meeting in #sumoMtg at 6pm CEST.