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Meeting Details

  • 8:00 AM PDT
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • What are the permissions that are given in Verbatim to individuals?
    • Gandalf needs to define
  • List of blogs in the Mozilla Localization Planet feed
    • Pike is evaluating all feeds in there
    • Also investigating technical implementation
  • Homepage snippets
    • How do different "new" snippets for each locale actually look like and what code needs to be written to get their new idea in place?
    • What exactly do they want?
    • What is the technical implementation that is needed?
    • Pike will ping Jonath
  • Reviews on new locales
    • Pike will submit a proposal for ways to evaluate Hg access for new localizers


Talking points: document right privs for localize.m.o? reviews on new locales, list of feeds on planet, syndicating these notes on the meeting-notes blog, homepage snippets (bug 563738)


  • discussed l10n portal wireframes with Axel (see above)
  • went through http://people.mozilla.com/~chowse/drop/l10n/wireframes/v1/ and took notes with questions and comments, have a meeting with Axel tomorrow about that
  • todo coding: working on the integration of the todo app as per chowse's designs


  • whole week spent on talos performance testing
  • try-talos is hardly usable due to high variation
  • standalone talos takes a lot of time (1 work day ~ 10 runs)
  • considering pushing patches to bugs without solid perf background. We know we're rather not slower (basic on try-talos not showing us slower), but we don't know if we're faster.
  • fixed memory leak thanks to Pike's suggestion.



  • Fx4 beta5 released, page with 2 subtitled videos, 17 locales ready at release time
  • Rotating Fx4 beta promos for whatsnew are pushed back to 3.6.10, will be displayed automatically when we reach that version number (currently 20 locales done)
  • added json versions for main.lang files on mozilla.com for use in javascript or other sites
  • Fx 3.6.9/3.5.12 stability releases



  • Sent out Firefox 4 Beta 5 Testplan to the L10n Newsgroup
  • in MV next week