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Meeting Details

  • 11:00 AM Central European Time (UTC +2)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • L10n-drivers team is meeting in Paris Oct 18 - 21, 2010
  • Firefox 4 status
    • Many locales have missing strings
    • What is the percentage of acceptable strings to ship within a beta? Need policy.
  • L10n portal work
    • When do we have to have our plan submitted to Mike Alexis
    • What will this web dev do? Pick up the coding work? Do Stas/Pike/Gandalf continue to hack on the code?
  • Productization review for Firefox 4
    • File one bug per locale to research bloglines changes and any search plugins changes
    • What is the timeline for p12n review?
      • Stas is working on a release plan for l10n portal


  • release compare-locales 0.9. not yet used in dashboard or build
  • lots more tests leading up to cl09
  • design review of todo, drain proposals by stas
  • code review of todo happening on github, via hggit. yikes :-(
  • extensive sign-off reviews, plus tons of bugs filed

Talking points: Paris, Fx4 status


talking point: l10n portal's webdev, p12n review for 4.0?


  • Aviary.pl work 5-dayish
  • Worked with Akalla on Silme-next and Mozmill based tests for L20n
  • Updated locales for Verbatim's fx-home 1.0.3 release
  • Testing Fennec 4.0 l10nness using pl as an (convenient) example


  • Finished strings for Firefox Home 1.0.3 release
    • Testing announcement today
  • Worked on L10n communication with MV team
  • Represented Mozilla at Open Subtitles event in NYC
  • Attended Open Video conference as a follow-on to Open Sub event
  • Contact Mike Alexis to get web dev support for l10n portal
    • He referred me to the official webdev request for services page
    • Committed to giving us resources this quarter, but needs the plan submitted soon
  • Started researching docs that need updating, but can't do much until we branch
  • Picking up de-beta outreach from Stas


  • added gd to mozillamessaging and worked with Michael and Milos on getting the pages done for the next minor release
  • updated all of Bulgarian pages on mozilla.com and mozillamessaging with Bogo
  • added ak, son, lg to mozilla.com with firstrun beta 4 bug open (also added to web dashboard and mainlang checker)
  • resolved several old web l10n bugs (content, design) on mozilla.com and mozillamessaging pages
  • merged my subtitling library calls into the main mozilla.com video library, Anthony is helping me on updating the Smile library we use to the latest version since he has a bit of time now.
  • prepared product-details for beta 7 and new locales
  • participated in Open World Forum last week, met Argentinian debian women developers that already know Deimidis :) Would be good to organize local events with them?
  • Milos started his internship on Web l10n QA with me, he started by helping contributors getting started with svn, bugzilla, processes...
  • Several new people on web l10n are updating pages (Turkish, Bulgarian, French)



  • will reach out to l10n teams about firefox 4 and qa